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Once divorced I would like to take my kids abroad to live -

Customer Question

Hello,Once divorced I would like to take my kids abroad to live - I need parental consent from the father however he is abusive towards me, and he wants to follow me which means he will continue to be abusive.What rights do I have to protect myself? And do I have these rights in another country? Also in terms of child maintenance will he pay that if I’m abroad? Can he get out of it?
Submitted: 11 days ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Patrick;Lawyer replied 11 days ago.

Hello there and thank you for choosing to use our service. I am an experienced litigation solicitor specialising in pragmatic risk management. I will return to you as quickly as I can to provide my top level summary / RSVP and practical guidance if appropriate. Regards

Expert:  Patrick;Lawyer replied 10 days ago.

Hello, thank you for using our service and I will outline some high level preliminary thoughts for you to think of and I shall be back online later to conclude my answer.  There would appear to be a jurisdiction aspect to this query so I would advise that you prepare a case summary and obtain a consultation with a direct access barrister in your area.  Provided either party has yet to petition for divorce? Date of marriage, certs, evidence of misconduct alleged etc will need to be collated if not already.  After these factual matters are attended to - you must prepare a full chronology of all significant events in the marriage leading to the present position.  Custody, access, residency, custody etc are all separate and complicated areas of our law.   You will effectively need to draft an audit of all known and suspected assets so as to limit any surprises or unknown joint liabilities at a future date.  You need to think about the prospects of being able to reach a compromised / mediated solution as soon as possible.  You will have to audit the needs of your children eg if they are in education etc and ultimately prepare to consult with a lawyer.  You may be advanced with some or all of this above?  All divorces like all people are unique but the best way to protect your position is to plan and then be ready to impart your plan based on full knowledge and evidence to a competent and compatible solicitor or direct access barrister who will guide you future through all options.  Judges really like couples who mediate in good faith and try to compromise over all  outstanding areas of dispute between the parties.  Equally, they know more than anyone that this is not always possible.  I will be back online later to hear your thoughts and close out my answer - Regards