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I recorded a number of conversations with doctors, nursing

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I recorded a number of conversations with doctors, nursing homes and hospital staff etc., without notifying them that I was doing so. These were for my own personal reference and hence legal to do. However, I now have a number of complaints at Ombudsman level going on. Given that these are government organisations, am I legally permitted to share these recording with them in the interests of an accurate and just investigation, or do the UK call recording laws of not sharing these without permission (apart from with a solicitor in preparation for a legal case) still apply?

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Sorry to hear of the issue.

You are entitled to share them, yes. If court action is required, the people you recorded either need to give permission for use of the recordings in the court, or the court needs to give you permission to use them.

So you can share them with the Ombudsman - if in any doubt you can ask the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) if you wish. 

The ICO can be contacted on 0303(###) ###-#### They also have a "live chat" facility on their site - you can visit it here:

I hope this helps

It was a pleasure to assist you today and I hope this answers the question.

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Customer: replied 12 days ago.
Oh, that's great! I thought it could only be to solicitors.It's about my late father's suffering in various hospitals and homes, and the bad drugs he got that contributed to his rapid demise, all of which we have discussed before.Well, in one video call with his mental health doctor, the latter is trying to make ME out to be a mental case, saying for example that "You have made a number of threats!" on the call (not true), and asking for my address details, purportedly to send me some NHS information, but more likely to get the men in white coats to come and take ME away, thereby covering up his own ineptitude!You see, in that moment my father was receiving melatonin (a sleep aid) with an anti-psychotic that absolutely should NOT be mixed with sleep medications and can cause "serious side-effects, even death" according to one website if they are. I had sent him this information before the call, and noted how sweaty and nervous he looked and sounded when he came on it. When I asked him to stop the anti-psychotic, he told me that he " would not work under my supervision," and then proceeded to accuse me of making threats on the call. When I told him I was recording the call, and anyone could listen and verify if his claim was true, he got very panicky, and asked me if I had asked his permission to record him, to which I said I don't need it and "Stop trying to play lawyer. You're no good at it!" Nice call!By the way, as I was having this horrid call, my father had lost 10kg in 3 weeks in that nursing home under this drug regime, and nobody had said a word. Then, the mental health doctor tries to position ME as the mad man (after all, the father is demented isn't he? Maybe it runs in the family!). Since he is the expert, and I am nothing, who are they going to believe? EXCEPT, I have a recording of the entire thing!Now, it is GREAT to know that I can share this call with the Ombudsman.
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
He also said that although he had prescribed Melatonin, it had never been used. Funny that. Also, very convenient, since this could not possibly be the reason then. Of course, paper records can easily be amended.)
My pleasure, thank you