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My daughter has a Ford Ka 07 which seems to be using a lot

Customer Question

My daughter has a Ford Ka 07 which seems to be using a lot of coolant, but not overheating, any clues as to why this may be? Also the heater is only blowing cold air, could the two be related?
Any advice would be appreciated
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Robert replied 5 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


If the engines loosing coolant then its either leaking externally or internally "burnt off" if there is alot of excess steam/white snoke from the exhaust - so first measures would be to inspect coolant system ie: the tank cap is sealing properly - coolant system circuit just to see if you can spot any points of exit which the coolant maybe leaking or coming from.of course you would likly see coolant on the ground etc which you may need to double check.also run the engine upto to temp and again with the coolant topped up just visually check around the following "all" the coolant hoses / radiator / housings which hoses conect too / water pump for any leaks which may show up only when the engines hot and things expand..also check your oil level too just to be sure its not leaking into there..due to a failed or fault headgasket.or head - you will often know this if the level is far to high or the oil has emulsified - also check around the footwells for any leaks there due to a leaky heater matrix - failing that then the only tests further to confirm an internal problem is to perform a compression test on all cylinders or sniff test on the coolant to see if exhaust gases are present if the coolant system has to much presure and forces the coolant out the tank or coolant system pressure test..i do hope this helps