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Ford Fiesta 1.6 16V Ghia (petrol, 5 spd manual) November 2005

Customer Question

Ford Fiesta 1.6 16V Ghia (petrol, 5 spd manual) November 2005 (55 reg). Around a year ago (Feb/ March 2012 with approx 55000 miles) this vehicle had a squealing noise that came from the engine area when started up from cold that would last approx 1- 2 minutes if it was driven straight away or around 4- 5 minutes if it was left running but stationary. I took it to the local garage where it had a new water pump, fan belt and timing belt fitted. I also noticed on the invoice that they had billed me for a third belt but all it says on the invoice is 'belt' so cannot tell what exactly what that is. Over the spring and summer of 2012 I didn't here the noise at all. And then in approx late October/ early November (mileage approx mid 60000's) I stared to hear a similar noise but at first it was very faint.

However over the winter it got worse and now it is as bad as before the new water pump and belts were fitted. The current mileage is 69501 (07/03/13). A couple of weeks ago I took the car back to the same (independent) garage who did the initial work and explained to them that they fitted the new water pump and belts approx 1 year ago. They couldn't offer any suggestions as to what else may be causing this noise and said that they would need to listen to it to try and diagnose it. This in itself is a problem as by the time I have driven the car to the garage, everything has warmed up and the noise has gone. It is worrying me as I don't know if it is something small like maybe one of the belts needs adjusting or wether is is something more serious.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Matt replied 5 years ago.

the auxilary belt and the timing belt are both capable of making this noise but its more likely that its the aux belt

I'd suggest gaetting a can of silicone spray from Halfords

and with the engine running and squealing give the auxilary belt a squirt to see if it shuts up

this is only a tempory fix / test and if it does have an effect then its likely that the belt needs replacing ( use a genuine Ford part) and the tensioners and general pulley alignment will need checking