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I have a ford Mondeo tdci 2.0 (2006 Car 55 Plate 54000 Miles)

Customer Question

I have a ford Mondeo tdci 2.0 (2006 Car 55 Plate 54000 Miles) the orange coil light has started to flash when the light is flashing there is no power (limp Mode I think) what could be the cause of this. The odd thing is this does not happen all the time when the light is out the car still goes like a bomb.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


There could be any number of things that can cause the situation as you have above - the coil light is that flashing means the ecu has detected the fault in question,doesnt really mean the glowplugs have failed unless the fault code you get is related to them - this in turns drops the car into the limp mode as youve experianced - basically a get you home/garage mode to prevent any other problems being created during the present problem you have.aswell as truning off and on again your basically reseting the ecu -until of course it detects the fault again and thus you get the warning back up again.Ideally in all cases such as these and any garage will do this first - to at least get an idea where to start would be to find out what the ecu has logged as faulty usually will store P fault codes in relaton to which area or part of the engine control system is becoming faulty and this will need to a diagnostic machine to do that..once you have the codes then you can take it from there,as this saves going through general guess work in the hope you find the fault..Based on the lowish mileage i would thinking maybe EGR valve related maybe a clean up.although these do have issues with Injection system fault ie: pumps/injectors etc..Of course you could have a good look over the engine just before hand as its not unusual to have bad connections on sensors..likes of chaffed wiring / loom wiring - so maybe have a good look over for that..aswell as check for any feul leakage around injectors and such like..I do hope this helps