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Robert, Ford Technician
Category: Ford
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Hi, I have a Ford Ka 2007 model. My gear stick gets stuck in

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Hi, I have a Ford Ka 2007 model. My gear stick gets stuck in first when my clutch is depressed (e.g. if I’m stuck in traffic). The steering wheel shudders and I have to turn the engine off to move the gear stick out of first. This problem has been on going for about 2 years. A Ford garage replaced the clutch slave cylinder about 18 months ago and this seemed to fix the problem for a while. But the problem seems to be worse after each time I have it serviced and in hot weather! There is also fluid on the ground where I park the car (it doesn’t look like oil). I intend to take it to the garage again but please may you offer any advice as to what the cause of this might be. Thanks :0)



Hopefully I can help..


Do you know exactly where this fluid you see under the car is actually coming from or which area roughly?


Apart from the slave cylinder at that time. did they check anything else?


How does the car drive normally as far as response and does it effect any other gears inc- reverse at all?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Robert

Thanks for handling my query.

If you’re facing in the direction of the car, the fluid is coming from near the front and probably more towards the left of the car than the right. Sorry can’t be more specific.

The garage (which was a Ford dealership) spent ages looking at everything but on the receipt I have it says: remove and install gearbox; replace clutch slave cylinder; cylinder assay – clut; oil – transmission. This all cost £470 last time so I’m concerned when I take it back I might have to pay a similar amount without the problem really being fixed.

The car drives normally in terms of response but I do have the same problem if I’m reversing slowly and using the clutch a lot and it then gets stuck in reverse gear. It also gets stuck in first if I’m manoeuvring into a parking space for example. I don’t have any problems changing gear when driving normally.

I only had my car service and MOT 2 weeks ago and the garage didn’t pick up anything. But the problem has been a lot worse again since then. They did say I had a slight engine leak so I thought the fluid could be from that but it doesn’t look like oil.

Thanks again,

Hi..there thanks for getting back.. certainly need to establish what type of fluid that is..oil as you'll know will be black -so could either be coolant/brake fluid in which the clutch hydraulic system uses too/ps fluid..if its brake fluid smell to it - then you certainly need to have that checked out.becuase the clutch system uses the same reservoir as the brakes as per fluid - and the release problem your having in regards XXXXX XXXXX clutch then its going to have to be a case of checking the hydraulic side again..I see your don't mention the clutch master cylinder which is connected the actual clutch will have master cylinder cylinder which in turn sends the fluid to the slave cylinder which in turn through hydraulic pressure releases the clutch to get it in and out of gear easily when the engines running..of course once the engines of then it will be it certainly sounds like a release fault - because you've had the main costly areas in regards XXXXX XXXXX slave and clutch assembly changed - then those can be ruled out,aswell of course any issues with the selector side/transmission internally/oil I would since you don't mention the master cylinder - then it maybe a case of having that looked into.I do hope this helps

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks again for your help, I'll take it to the garage and see what they suggest!

Hi..there.. Thats no problem..If you need to ask anything else then just continue after this post..Like i say you dont mention the Master cylinder thats at the clutch pedal end.seeing as you've basically had all other areas checked by Ford .the clutch master cylinder seems to be the only thing left un checked as far as your info above you supplied there goes,maybe check the feed line to and from the master to slave cylinder too just to be sure or maybe have them rebleed it and see if that helps..But i do hope you getting it sorted.let me know how it goes anyway..Regards Robert
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Robert,

Just to update you...I got my car back from the garage today....they said that water had entered the system and damaged the seals on both the clutch slave cylinder (which was causing the leak) and the master cylinder. So they have replaced both of these and my car is driving normally again. They can't understand how water has entered as it is a closed system so I am concerned the problem will happen again in the future. I can't fault the garage I go to, but am thinking of contacting Ford as other people on the internet have had the same problem with this model and it is so costly to fix.


Thanks again,