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1st time i turn the key i get a flashing heater plug light

Customer Question

1st time i turn the key i get a flashing heater plug light and the engine wont start then 2nd turn of the key no flashing heater plug light and the engine starts fine but drives in limp mode then 3rd turn of the key no flashing heater plug light and it drives perfect . ?????? so if i go to the car and turn the ignition on and off 3 times it starts and runs perfect with no recorded faults. if i then leave the car off for more than 15 minutes i get the same thing again. if i leave it for only 5 minutes it is fine without a problem. Iv cleaned all the injector connections and checked and cleaned the earth straps under the battery. Also when i first went to the car today and yesterday after being off for over 8 hours it started without any of the above then the next time i start it after some time i have to go through 3 on and offs to get it to sart and run ok. when driving it is absolutley perfect with good performance no misi fires and good MPG so Im really scratching my head on this one. ERROR CODE IS P0200

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Matt replied 5 years ago.

is this the 2.2 TDCI? aslo how many miles are on it and when was its last serviced?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi yes its 2.2tdci its got 119400 on clock and was serviced at 111589

Expert:  Matt replied 5 years ago.

Hello Nathan

Error code P0200 = Injector circuit malfunction

potential cause are :

a shorted / damaged injector or injectors
Faulty injector driver circuit in ECU
damaged wiring harness, shorting out the injector

So 1st check over the engine bay wiring loom for any damage - especially where it passes over the engine and through the engine bay bulkhead

if this is OK I'd then try and identify which injector is at fault by disconnecting the injectors one at a time and see how this effects the car drives

if you can locate it then I'd suggest replacing that injector - however bear in mind that a new injector will need re-coding and this requires specialist equipment to do so

if this doesn't help then I'd suggest sending the ECU away for testing / repair