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Gallagher99, Senior Vehicle Technician
Category: Ford
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_I own a Ford Focus TDCI 1.6 and I am getting a surging when

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_I own a Ford Focus TDCI 1.6 and I am getting a surging when it runs on a light throttle .
otherwise it it runs and pulls OK on the open road The car is only 3yrs old with only 8000 miles on the clock.
Hi there ,good afternoon to you

Ok the first thing that should be done is a fault code check of the vehicles modules to see if any fault codes are logged that could be related or causing your surging issue
Obiviouy it is harder to diagnose these types of issues online as I cannot actually feel the fault

The last concern I seen regarding your issue was an intermitent surge /kanagrooing to speak on very light throttle on a focus 1.6dv6 TDCI this fault was very hard to trace or reproduce
I ruled any common issues eg a partially blocked fuel filters (should be changed every 37.5k or 3 years)
Also software issues can cause these type of surging issues eg a later calibration can cure such issues
Clutch switch faults are common regarding this concern as well
Some people rest there foot in the clutch pedal during crushing this causes a kicking /surging from the engine

Once the fault code check has been done if no relavent codes are present then the software will be updated as a preliminary test
Then the vehicle retested
If the fault continues to be present then I would fit a new EGR valve as this solved the vehicle I had a dugong issue with

If you need anymore help or advice on this issue please let me know 
If you are completley satisfied with my answer /advice 
Kind regards XXXXX XXXXX and have a nice day


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