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Hi, my 2007 diesel mondeo has started vibrating a lot -sitting

Customer Question

Hi, my 2007 diesel mondeo has started vibrating a lot -sitting in the car,while stationary, everything vibrates. It is also sometimes difficult to get it in gear, especially reverse and when you push down on the clutch, at about 1/3 down you can hear a noise you didn't before. Its a 2007 Mondeo NT zetec 1.8 tdci with 70000 miles on it. Are the 2 problems linked and what does it need doing?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully I can help..


From what you describe this could be related to the DMF "dual mass flywheel" very often if these do fail can cause exactly the same symptoms you describe in regards XXXXX XXXXX vibration sent through from the engine/gearbox the cars body..that too and the fact your having issues getting into gear would maybe suggest the problems going to be there..these aren't cheap as it does require not only the flywheel itself but the clutch assembly it would be well worth having this up on the ramp and listened to in regards XXXXX XXXXX listening for any clattering/rattle or knocking /vibrating from within the bellhousing that would confirm the fault for sure before you go straight ahead with any replacement..of course other areas would need to be ruled out too for issues with transmission/engine mounts..but as you describe above and there are no other issues in regards XXXXX XXXXX lights that may have come since this occurred- it does certainly seem to be as mentioned above..I do hope this helps..If you need to ask anything else or include any further info before you rate - then just continue