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Mark, Auto Service Technician
Category: Ford
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I have a fiesta 1.8 td on a 51 plate engine runs fine but will

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I have a fiesta 1.8 td on a 51 plate engine runs fine but will not rev more than 3000 rpm and just about manages 70 mph on a motorway can you help please .?

Mark :

Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you today.

Mark :

I would suggest the first thing you check is the hoses for the turbo are not loose or split.

Mark :


Customer: Checked hoses yesterday all are ok
Mark :

Did you remove them to check or just a visual inspection.

Customer: With the throttle pedal pushed half way to the floor the car pulls well but when the pedal is then pushed to the floor insted of speeding up it slows down
Customer: Visual check on hoses
Mark :

Did you see or feel the hose inflate?

Mark :

The first thing you should do is have someone rev the engine whilst you hold the hose from the turbo. You should feel it inflate with boost pressure. If it doesn't then either the hose is leaking or the turbo needs to be looked at.

Customer: Ok I will try that this mornin thanks
Mark :

If the hose does inflate, then the next thing would be to replace the fuel filter.

Customer: Car is having a full service tomorrow
Mark :

That should find the problem.

Customer: A friend of mine mentioned re chipping .... what does this mean and involve .?
Mark :

Re-chipping is a way of altering the engine control unit to improve power or fuel consumption.

Mark :

It is usually done by reprogramming the ecu.

Customer: Another question is where is the throttle cable .?
Mark :

Might not have one. Could be drive by wire.

Mark :

Not many cars have throttle cables now.

Mark :

If yours has one it will be attached to the fuel pump

Mark :

Do you need anything else?

Customer: No throttle cable on fuel pump ..... thank you for your help I will rate you positive ....... from Baz
Mark :

Thanks Baz

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