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Why does my speedo intermittently cut out and car feel like

Customer Question

Why does my speedo intermittently cut out and car feel like it is cutting out ?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


By the description of your fault - you may find that the problem may be with the VSS "vehicle speed sensor" this is located on the gearbox and the speedo/instrument cluster will obviously take/recive a reading from that aswell as the engine management system to monitior the vehicle speed..If the sensor itself becomes faulty or gives back incorrect readings or the wiring /plug to that sensor is defective/corrosion or loose etc can give exactly the sysptoms you describe with the speedo failing aswell as the engine cutting out at times..It is quite common fault so certainly have the vehicle speed sensor checked.changed and the wiring to it for any problems..aswell as that have them recheck out all the engine bay earth points just to be sure those are ok and not needing cleaned above the first port of call would be the speed sensor...I do hope this helps..