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hello guys, Ive got a 2006 115 T350 rwd OV56 MWA I bought

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hello guys,
I've got a 2006 115 T350 rwd

I bought it last February, no problems, used it everyday.
I took it to Ford in June because the keyfob stopped working and I couldn't unlock the rear doors without climbing over the seat. I also got the speed limiter removed while it was in as I was only able to do 60mph rendering 5th and 6th gear useless. It's an old highway maintenance vehicle.

I'm just giving you the history since I've had it.

In August, while at work(stopping for a couple hours then starting back up again regularly) it didn't start and the immobiliser light would start flashing. I would try it again and it would start straight away. This may have happened 2 or 3 times throughout August and September but was never a real problem so I didn't worry about it at all.

I went away for 3 weeks at the end of October, into November. Since returning I have had nothing but trouble getting it started BUT only sometimes!
I have put a new starter motor on,(it already looks like someone has upgraded the dual mass flywheel), I replaced one of the batteries and charged the other one,I've checked all fuses, had a look and tried to tidy up all the wiring around the ignition barrel.
There's a full tank of diesel in there too.

To really make things frustrating it will start sometimes if you just keep trying. Sometimes 15mins, sometimes 3hours.
This last week it started the first time on Mon,Tue,Wed and Thursday. plenty of stopping and starting throughout the day and it started the first time everytime.
I didn't work Friday, didn't use it on Saturday, so it's been sat for 2 days after working fine all week.
Now today, Sunday morning, I of course need the van......and nothing.
The immobiliser light is flashing.
After about 20 mins of trying and the immobiliser light stopped flashing but the van would still not start.
If I just turn the key quickly, without letting the plugs warm up you can hear it try and start. It wants to go.
So for the past month I have been able to get it started but sometimes it could take hours. then sometimes it starts the first time and there's no problem for the rest of the day. Once I leave it, for a couple days or sometimes just overnight, it won't start again.
I do a lot of short runs in the van, never go very far.
I'm giving you all this information hoping it helps because I have no idea what to do at this point. All my other vans have been from the 1970's and I could fix them! I thought I would treat myself to a newer van this time around and I'm regretting it.

Cheers XXXXX XXXXX help.

Hello, I hope the following is of assistance.

There was a concern with the engine management control module (PCM) not shutting down correctly, the result of this was when you try to start the engine the immobiliser would still remain active, at the time the only repair was to replace the engine management module. I'm not sure if this is still the case or if there is a software update that resolves this issue now. Usually if this is the concern disconnecting the batteries then reconnecting them allows the PCM to reboot and the engine will start.

Obviously there are other issues that can give the same symptoms, check the relays in the fuse box under the bonnet, make sure the terminals are a good fit as I've seen a few of these with a poor connection here.

The main thing to start with is to confirm if the engine immobiliser is remaining on, put the ignition on and wait, if the light comes on for 3 seconds then goes off the immobiliser is OK, if it flashes fast then the immobiliser is still active. If you just get in and turn the key fast the starter motor may turn briefly but will stop again as the immobiliser will still be armed, you just beat it through the self test.

I hope this helps, let me know if I can assist further and I'll reply as soon as I'm able to.

Best wishes,


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