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How do I fix the leaky windows on my a reg mondeo ghia thanks

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How do I fix the leaky windows on my a reg mondeo ghia thanks pat

Hello, I hope the following assists you.

The weather shields behind the door panels are foam on this model, they are sealed all the way round with a butyl sealer, it's virtually impossible to remove the shield without damage so if you are going to remove them on all the doors I would advise on obtaining the replacements first.

To remove the door panels are pretty straight forward, there are only a couple of differences between the front and rear doors.

On the front doors remove the door mirror interior trims,by removing the cover from the screw and then removing the screw. You then remove the cover from the screw on the interior door handle and the cover from the grab handle to access the 2 screws under this as shown below.


You then remove the door trim screws and lift the door trim up, disconnect the window switch connector.


Once the trim is off then remove the door weather shield by using a knife to cut the sealer.

The rear door trim panels are similar to the front, there are screws under the pull handle cover and release handle cover, if the car has manual rear windows then you need to remove the clip for the window winding handle as shown below.


The doors are designed for water to run inside and out of the drain holes in the bottom but if the weather shields are damaged then water runs through the damaged area and usually drops off the interior door trim into the car.

I hope this helps, let me know if I can assist further and I'll reply as soon as I'm able to.

Best wishes,


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