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I have a 1999 (T plate) transit campervan 2.5 turbo diesel

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I have a 1999 (T plate) transit campervan 2.5 turbo diesel automatic transmission with a faulty lucas electronic injection pump.

My question is - if I wanted to replace the electronic injection pump with a mechanical throttle and pump is this possible given that the vehicle has automatic transmission and what would be involved.

Hello, I hope the following is of assistance.

Yes you can replace the EPIC pump system with a Bosch manual system. The automatic transmission will make no difference as the A4LD transmission isn't electronically controlled.

You need to fit a new throttle pedal and cable, the mounting is the same for the EPIC pedal so this is a straight swap. The fuel pipes are different fittings on the pump and the injector pipes are different so use the Bosch pipes.

The immobiliser system needs the fuel cut off solenoid on the new pump wiring direct to the ignition, you can blank the EGR valve if required with thin aluminium.

The best pumps to use are either 0460-414-145 686-2 or a 146/686-2 but you will need to adjust the pump timing to account for the turbo boost. Make sure the EPIC system throttle butterfly remains open. If there are any problems with the temperature gauge there should be 2 sensors on the thermostat housing 1 for the EPIC system and 1 direct to the cluster.

There are many people who have completed this conversion so it should be easy enough for you to do, further information you could try where many people have done this conversion themselves.

Let me know if I can advise further and I'll reply as soon as I'm able to.

Best wishes,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for the advice.


What about the auto kick down - is this affected?


I am not a mechanic - where do you recommend

Hello again,

the kick down solenoid that operates the kickdown cable on the transmission would need to be wired to a switch on the replacement throttle pedal, it only needs to be an on off switch that operates when the throttle is fully depressed.

Unfortunately I can't really recommend anywhere that does this as most people do it on a DIY basis but you could try the Ford Transit forum I gave to you earlier they may be able to advise on a specialist who can help.

Best wishes,


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