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reconditioned injectors fitted codes entered by a non Ford

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reconditioned injectors fitted codes entered by a non Ford garage. car ran reasonably for two weeks. But since running at high speed on motorway car will not start glowplug light flashes and engine light stays on.

Hello, I hope I can offer you some assistance.

Do you mean the car won't start at all now or it is difficult to start and the engine management light and glow plug light are on when it is running? Why were the injectors replaced? Have you had any checks done to try to cure this, if so what?

Let me know and I'll reply as soon as I'm able to.

Thank you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The car won't start at all now. Injectors were replaced as when examined there was injector corrosion. The engine of the car was initially cutting out when driving The reconditioned injectors were rechecked and found to be ok.

Hello again,
as the glow plug light is flashing when you turn the ignition on the engine management has detected a fault with a sensor or actuator circuit, it will have also stored a related fault code in it's memory.

The first place to start is to retrieve the code stored in the engine management, this will,l help to pinpoint the cause of the non start. The injector coding won't cause a non start condition on this engine, it will more than likely due to either a fuel pressure concern (too low) or a crank/cam sensor concern.

If the fuel pressure is incorrect then the cause of this needs investigating further, the pressure needs checking electronically and the amount of fuel returned from the injectors needs to be measured at the same time, depending on the results this will pinpoint if it is a faulty injector or a pump problem.

The crankshaft and camshaft sensors are used for injection purposes, if either signal is missing then the fuel is set to zero and the engine won't start, this is to prevent engine damage by fuel been injected at the wrong time.

The camshaft code usually stored is P0340, the crank code would be P0335 or similar. If you want to check the codes on a DIY basis then a tool such as is a cheap option.

Start with getting the fault codes and go from there.

Let me know if I can assist further and I'll reply as soon as I can.

Best wishes,


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