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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Ford
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I have a ford mondeo 2008 diesel 1.8 tianium x 5 door hatchback,2

Customer Question

I have a ford mondeo 2008 diesel 1.8 tianium x 5 door hatchback,2 days ago i was driving on motorway slow down to get an exit but all of sudden my car drops the power then switched off,i started again but it was keep cutting off,i was keep trying once it got stable but there was no power when i was pushing the aa roadside but took me to garage following behind me,while driving car never gone over 2000 rpm i was in 3 gear on 30 mph-35 mph after 2 days passed in garage the mechanics still could'nt find the fault,they said computer is not showing any error,they have changed fuel filter,cleaned catalyic convertor etc.they advised to take it to ford main dealer...i want to what could have gone wrong,any advise will be really appreciated.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Matt replied 4 years ago.

This could be a wiring issue as things tend to expand when hot and its possible a poor or partial electrical connection is being pushed apart on one of the major sensors so check the connection plug and wiring to the following;
Airflow meter
Crank position sensor
Cam position sensor
O2 sensor
Throttle pedal position sensor

Also worth checking the connections to the fuel pump for the same reason - unplug each in turn and give them a good squirt of switch / contact cleaner - Not WD40

and also unplug and inspect the main power relays and fuses for signs of overheating or corroded terminals - so the ones for the ECU and the fuel pump

And also unplug the wiring loom connections in the engine bay one at time and inspect for corroded or recessed pins.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Matt


Thanks for the reply,i just came back from the garage and i tried to tell them about cleaning these sensors as you advised but unfortunately i think they just don't want to spend more time on it and kept saying i should take it to ford.The problem now is that its even worse than before you can't even drive more than few meter even when engine was cold for example they have tried in morning but they also mentioned that few times it does picked up revs fine but not for long.


There is one thing i would like to tell you that i bought this mondeo about 3 months ago and never had any problem until 3 days ago on tuesday,i went to this same garage on monday to regas my air conditioning because it was not cooling,they re-gassed it but they found leak in condensor because of stone damage,so i left garage and discussed to replace condensor after a week or so.that night car was fine but this problem happened on next night(tuesday)as i mentioned before on motorway.Do you think they have done something wrong while re-gassing the ac? ....its just my concern

Is there anything i can do myself,i have booked with ford on 07/04/2014 anyway.

Expert:  Matt replied 4 years ago.
Hello Manu

I think if you get yourself a can of switch cleaner ( not WD40) you can have a go yourself at spraying and cleaning connections as I've described

and yes its possible that they've distrubed some wiring - possible an earth connection to the body when they re-gassed the AC so check the main engine earth connection and wiring loom earth points onto the car body

they should all be tight and clean with no corrosion
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Matt


But Unfortunately my car is still in the garage since 04/04/2014 but this is a different garage and i explained them about cleaning connections as you told me,today they call and was saying about replacing some sort of switch and hopefully they said it should be fine after that.

What do you think of that?

Expert:  Matt replied 4 years ago.
Hello Manu

well it depends on what 'switch' but if its the cutoff solenoid on the pump then this is a possible reason for the issue as its used to cut the fuel flow off when you switch the ignition off

if faulty it could be trying to cut off the fuel supply intermittantly