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Gallagher99, Senior Vehicle Technician
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I have a 3 year old Ford Mondeo. The problem encountered is

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I have a 3 year old Ford Mondeo.
The problem encountered is in starting.
I press the clutch in and press the start button but nothing happens.
I can do this for 1, 5 or any number of times (random number) and nothing happens - no dash indications other than the rectangular centre section with Ford logo that does illuminate when the remote access key is pressed. After 'x' tries it finally will start after which it runs OK with no problems.
This tends to be much worse in the mornings and better when it has been run but also has same problem at the end of a working day with same situation.
Any guidance please
Hi there terry ,good evening to you

Ok when you press the power button does the ignition /cluster lights come on but there is no cranking of the engine

Regards Brian
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Brian, As I posted in my original question Nothing happens, no power lights nothing on the centre console other than the original Ford Logo screen


Ok if the ignition lights are not coming on this indicates that there is an issue with the keyless vehicle system and that the key is not being detected 
Typos keyless system is very complex and technical and as your issue is intermitent it makes it more difficult to pinpoint

In your case where by you state you cannot get the igtion lights on this would indicate an issue within the keyless vehicle module this is what powers up the ignition relay and controls the power button /keyless start and keyless entry if fitted 

Most times the fault lies with a software glich in the KVM whereby the first preliminary diagnosis we carry out by updating the KVM. Software to the latest level (this can only be done by a ford dealer who have the software )

Other issue we have seen is the KVM. Not sending the pulsed earth to the ignition relay but if your ignition lights won't come on when pressing the power button I would advise starting with a software update of the KVM. And assess this intermitent starting issue 

This is a very complex system and requires our ids software to correctly diagnose the issue 

You can try using the manual stating procedure which overrides the keyless system 
If you pop the black circle cover off where th normal key would go 
And insert the key fob into the recess and press the clutch down and press the power button 
This is known as an emergency start if the keyless system fails or the fob is faulty 
Its always worth trying this again as part of the preliminary diagnostics 

If this works we know tr issue is with The key /KVM

Also something to note is don't keep your mobile phone or other car keys next to this passive key fob as it can cause issues with Thr high frequency signals the remote sends out

If you need anymore help or advice on this issue please let me know 
If you are completley satisfied with my answer /advice 
Kind regards XXXXX XXXXX and have a nice evening 


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Brian,

many thanks for the detailed reply.

I've have left the car at the garage tonight and will see if they come up with anything in the morning. Otherwse I will try the manual start as you suggest. The remote door locking and unlocking always works.

Is this a common problem


Hi Terry thanks

Ok this isn't a common problem as such but we do get keyless issues of all different origins As the system is so complex and the signals are so sensitive
As the nature of your fault is intermitent it can make it more difficult to pinpoint the exact cause (a process of elimination is used to rule certain components out
Thus why the manual starting procedure is used in cases where by the keyless system is causing an issue
The remote locking is part of the keyless system and uses the keyless module to initiate the command to the GEM
However the starting procedure is far more technical and involves several different modules and components handshaking in order to commence starting

If you need anymore help or advice on this issue terry please let me know 
If you are completley satisfied with my answer /advice 
Kind regards XXXXX XXXXX and have a nice evening 
We can continue on this same post going forward

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