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sean, Ford Technician
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i have a Smax titanium x sport 60 plate, my question is how

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i have a Smax titanium x sport 60 plate,
my question is how can i have my day light running lights on at same time with headlights on? i have seen this on other smax titanium x sports.
mine do not come on when my headlights are on,
is it possible to set this so bought headlights and daytime runners are on at the same time? and i also thought that all X SPORTS! where 240 bhp
but mine comes up as 203!
hope you can help! thanks

Hello, I hope I can offer you some assistance.

Do you have the chassis number of the car? So I can obtain the correct details. With regard to the DRL do you mean the lights dim when the headlamps are switched on or you want them at normal brightness with the headlamps on?

Let me know and I'll reply as soon as I'm able to.

Thank you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you, hope this is the chassis number….

wf 0sxxgwsap46199,

the DRL go off when headlights are on! they go off completely,

the only time the DRL's come on are during daytime,

Hello again,

you are correct that the engine is a 203 PS, the Titanium Sport X is actually a trim level rather than referring to the engine, the S -max is available with either the 199, 203 or 240 PS engines although the 199 PS TNWB engine isn't' usually seen in the UK. Below shows confirmation of the engine power output of your car.


With regard to the DRL, there was a change over period where the cars had DRLs but also the standard side lamp in the front fog lamp, these cars didn't allow the DRLs to be illuminated when the lights were on, on a later car without the standard side lamp the DRLs should be on with the headlamp or parking lamps but dimmer than they are when acting as DRLs as they act as position lamps.

From memory if the DRL connector has 3 pins it should be the later system, the earlier 2 pin wiring can be altered but new lamps and a bumper harness is required plus the car configuration needs checking and modifying if necessary.

Given the build date of your car it should be the later system, if this is the case then the DRLs should be on with the lights on, if they aren't then there is a fault.

So in simple terms the DRL operation depends on if the car has standard front position lamps in the front foglamps.

I hope this helps but if I can assist further let me know and I'll reply as soon as I'm able to.

Best wishes,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

do you think that the this can be done on warranty i purchased

the a week ago and bought 3 year extended warranty with it? if it is a fault!

and just let you know the headlights come on with the fog lights which are the small round lights…

thank you



Hello again,

if when you turn the lights position 1 parking lamps not headlamps and the front fog lamp lights up as shown below with the parking lamp on then the DRLs won't illuminate.


If the parking lights aren't in the fog lamps as shown above then the DRL is a parking/position lamp and should be on dim when the lights are on if it isn't then this is a fault.

Any warranty will only cover a manufacturers defect so if the car has early lamps then the warranty won't cover any cost to make the DRLs come on with the headlamps. If the car doesn't have the early lamps and the DRLs act as position lamps but don't come on with the headlamps then this is a fault and will be covered by warranty.

I hope this clarifies things for you.

Let me know if I can advise further.

Best wishes,


sean and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi Sean,

as you mentionend given the build date of my car the DRL'S should be on with headlamps and so it should be the later system.

incase i had the 2 pin wiring! if i wanted to modify the light setting and change the lamp and bumper harness ext"

what will this cost me and where could i get this job done?

thank you