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Water is leaking from cooling system of Ford Ka. Seems to be

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Water is leaking from cooling system of Ford Ka. Seems to be getting worse. Now need to top up every five miles or so. What is wrong? How is it fixed? Is it expensive? It's a 53 car - is it worth spending the money? Thank you in anticipation. Maureen.
Hello Maureen

coolant leaks can often be fixed quite cheaply

1st thing to determine is if the leak is external (leaking radiator or hose joint) or if its internal ( head gasket or a cracked casting)

a leaking radiator can be replaced for about £80 parts and an hours labour and hose joints may need a new hose ( about £10 each) and about 1/2 hours labour depending on its location

if its a head gasket then this is more costly as the engine has to come apart so about 3-4 hours labour + the cost of gasket and seals ( £40-50)

something else to consider as a semi permanent fix is to add a bottle of this stuff
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