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Gallagher99, Senior Vehicle Technician
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why does my 2010 ford mondeo 2ltr titanium x keep coming up

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why does my 2010 ford mondeo 2ltr titanium x keep coming up with warnings and ac
ting on such as ignition light and oil lights on together cutting out (not good in heavy traffic) but will start straight away with no warning lights on AA could not find any faults
Hi there good evening to you

Ok I assume you vehicle is coming up engine system fault and cutting out
But the AA technician coins to find any fault codes logged

The Battery and oil lights will stay on once the vehicle has cut out and go out once it's restarted

The problem we have here is there are no fault codes logged when the diagnostic computer is attached
This will be because the fault code isn't a generic code (same for all cars ) but is a manufactors code (only dealer software will pick this up )
We see this a lot when scanner tools are used and say no fault codes logged this is down to them not being able to pick the code up

I would advise having a fault code check done using fords ids software as this will clarify exactly what fault code is logged and what sub system the fault lies with

This is imperative to correctly diagnosing this fault right first time and saving you a lot of time and Money
As misdiagnosis of this engine can be expensive
The engine management system is very complex and technical on this 2.0TDCI dw10 varientb
Thus why a fault code is an absolute must when diagnosis faults

If you need anymore help or advice on this issue please let me know
If you are completley satisfied with my answer /advice
Kind regards XXXXX XXXXX and have a nice evening

Hi there

You have rated my answer/ advice poor

Unfortunately This is the only way forward in order to diagnose this fault
Without a fault code I would be having an educated guess at where your issue lies
This can cost you time and money that isn't needed

The Mondeo 2.0/2.2 dw 10 engine mangament system is very complex and has many many components and sensors which could trigger a cutting out concern

I pride my self on customer satisfaction and giving the tight information for your question
I could tell you a list of POSSIBLE. Faults but without a fault code it's almost impossible to pinpoint what sub system the issue lies

Sometimes a live road test is also required to monitor the sensors /components in real time ie fuel pressure /boost pressure etc

The negative rating you give affects my profile and ratings
The answer I gave you is using my wealth of knowledge and experience
Thus why customer satisfaction is such a priority

Kind regards XXXXX XXXXX

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