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Category: Ford
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have a 2003 1.4 fiesta zetec coolant leaks when engine gets

warm but to overheat but... Show More
warm but to overheat but on inspection can not find leak and can not explain where its coming from
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Ford
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replied 3 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


By your description this will mean the coolant is only being forced out under pressure when the engines running or once the engine becomes hot or the desired temp is reached which ever part of the coolant system expands and creates the leak..either a small crack or split somewhere..hence the leak forms only when hot/warm etc..Its kind of strange the leak isnt being noticed or the source of the leak isnt being spotted since it does leak out from under the car as there will be likely some sort of residue/crystalised antifreeze /trace left by the leak..usually when that does happen then it a case of pretty much tracing it back..the three areas usually to check is the radiator/thermostat housing/water pump and check the seem where both mating surfaces are bolted together on the engine to spot any is really a case of doing if the leaks pretty much on the drivers side under the engine then you can asume the water pumps the most likely culprit if on the passenger side or gearbox the the thermostat housing and coolant pipe work needs checked..or if at the very front of the car short of the front bumper the radiator would need to be inspected especially around the sides and along the base - The only test that may help show up exactly where the leak is or help highlight the exit point of the leak on the coolant system- is to see if they can pressure test / pressurize the system via the expansion tank with similar tester/equipment .it is hand held tester that fits on in place of the expansion tank cap and the tester by hand pumps up to build up pressure in the system so as specified on the cap once thats done then it a case of going over the whole coolant system seeing if the leak can be spotted and that should help highlight if there is a drop in pressure or force/highlight the coolant leak to appear so that maybe be the best approach if nothing can be seen visually as far as leaking from under the car etc..You could also if possible use UV Dye/UV Torch kit for leak detection,small amount of that dye is dropped into the coolant system the engine run up to temp till leak appears.then switch off and use the torch/special glasses this should help by tracing the ultravoilet dye back to the source of the leak..But as above i know you do say you had many people check this..but i think the key here to find out where this leaks is coming from is to run the car upto temp after the tank has been refilled.until you see if start to leak and jack it up /place axle stands under for safety and get under the car and see which area its coming from..I do hope this helps..If you need to ask anything else or include anything further then just continue before you rate