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The car is a Mondeo Ghia Est 2L Diesel E556 NEF. The problem

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The car is a Mondeo Ghia Est 2L Diesel E556 NEF. The problem caused by a 5pence piece dropped (not by me) into the cigar lighter socket. Fuse blown. No problem, I have changed lots of fuses over the years, built my own cars, bonnet up, check fuses in main fuse box, all the small fuses OK. Checked the large ones in the clear plastic cases but put one back into the wrong slot. Started the engine and the heater fan comes on full blast, nothing else works on the control panel.Realise what I had done so put the fuse back into the correct slot..nothing works on the A/C control panel.
Take the car into the Fort William Ford garage and put onto the computer and told the A/C control panel needs replacing. I obtain a replacement from E.bay first 4 ford. Back to garage. Several hours later told that both panels are ok and the problem must be in the module which will entail complete dashboard removall and new module. The cost will be very high and might not solve the problem.
Our usual ex cellent mechanic in Oban who we have used for many years is totasly reliable but doesn't have the full computer diagnostic equipment. He will do the job but will need some more information, eg. how to access the module, remove the dashboard, and any tests that he can do using the on board diagnostic system?
The car is going in to him on Wednesday and would he be able to contact you then for any advice then?
John Hodgson
Hi there john good afternoon to you

Ok just need to clarify EXACTLY what module they wish to replace

I assume it is just the climate control panel that doesn't work (electronic LCD auto climate control I assume )

Kind regards XXXXX XXXXX

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Brian, the control panel works ,as does the replacement we supplied, all the lights come on but the heater/A/C system doesn't. I am afraid that I don't know much about the module apart from it requires a full dashboard removal to access it and it costs about £800.00. I have just phoned my wife to see where the details from the last diagnostic check that I left on my desk are and she now has them in her car with her.

Hi there john

Ok so all of the functions on the control panel work ok

Ok Obivously I cannot vouch for what has been done before now or what has been condemned
But the electronic control panel IS the climate control Module (auto dual climate control panel )

Are they saying you need a new heater box assembly (full dash out )

What exactly doesn't work john

Blowers /heating (hot/cold ) air con (on /off)

As it just doesn't sound correct as in the module requires the dash out

I just want to verify exactly what it is you have been told before we dive in to deep )

Regards Brian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Brian, my wife will be home with the car by 6.00 this evening. I will be able to give you more information then if that would be helpful.


Hi there john Yes. No worries Would just like to be able to clarify the exact fault and will get you to run a self test on the ETAC module (climate control). To carry out the self test press and hold OFF &FOOTWELL for a few seconds then release It will run a self test then if a fault code is present it will show 4 numbers ie 94 64 = code 9464 Regards XXXXX XXXXX Brian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Brian,

The car is now back here but unfortunately there no useful information apart from a print out of a wireing diagram left by the Ford garage.


I have checked out the control panel and the only thing that happens is the blue and red parts on the left hand control botton and the max fan sign on the top central switch come on.


No digital read out shows.


I checked out the fuse that I put into the wrong space.

In the fuse box on the right hand side under the bonnet, the clear plastic topped fuses on the left hand side of the box, is where I mis-placed the 40 amp blue fuse.


It appears that the A/C fuse is in the 7th slot down,with an empty space above it


When I was checking them out I plugged it into the next space up which doesn't have a fuse in it.


With the fuse in that space the heater fan ran at full power and none of the other controll switches worked.


I replaced the fuse into it's correct slot but nothing worked then.


Is there anything in that fuse capsule that could have been damaged by being in the wrong slot?


The first time we took the car in operator at the Ford garage said that the control panel was at fault .


We then obtained a replacement panel and the next time the car went in the computer showed that all the control switches on the A/C panel all had power to them and were operational, but the fault was deeper within the system.


They wanted us to buy a new 'module' for about £800.00 plus a days labour with no guarentee that it would work.


Hence I hope to find a more economical option possibly using a second hand part.


I hope this might be of help to you.

Regards, John.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Brian, just tried the self test. No code shown on it's own digital display panel but there is AST shown on the radio display but no code comes up.

Is there anything else I should have done?


Regards John.

Hi there ,john thanks

Sorry for the delay

Ok can you give me the fuse numbers of which one was remove and fitted to where I have a picture if the lid top.
Ie f7 into f10

I assume it was the large glad topped fuses number F1 to F10

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Brian, I am sorry but I have not been able to find a number for the fuse. The list on the underside of the lid bears no resemblence to the fuse layout. I have tryed to attach a photo but with no sucsess.

The owners handbook is not much of a help either. All I can say is that it is a blue 40amp fuse with a clear plastic top and is the last in a row of 7 fuse slots thast appear in the following order from top to bottom.






space that I plugged the fuse into

40amp blue


I will see if I can find a diagram of the auxillary fuse box.

I do appreciate your help, regards John.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Is it possible to email a photo to you/


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Brian, I found a fuse box diagram and it shows that I put fuse 7 into slot 6 , Regards John.

Hi john very sorry for the delayed (kids)

Ok I pulled a diagram up today which shows 6&7 should have fuses in them as fuse 6 powers the heater blower relay

Iam going to pull a diagram using your reg number and have a indepth look at it

Can you in the mean time check the following fuses

Fuse 65,76,&93 in the passengers fuse box behind the glove box (where the cigar lighter fuse is located )


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Brian, I am pretty sure those fuses are ok. as they were checked several times by our own and the Ford mechanics. I will check them out tomorrow if that is ok by you, as, up here in the Highlands of Scotland it is very humid, no wind and if I go outside now I will be eaten alive by the hoards of midges.
what time are you on line tomorrow? Many thanks.

Regards, John.

Hi their john no worries

Iam in the west of Scotland so know all about midges
Worst up your way though

I look into this diagram later tonight and speak to you In the morning

Hi there john good morning

Ok your reg number doesn't look right e556nef

Can you clarify this and also give me the chassis number do I can pull the correct diagram up

Regards Brian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Good morning Brian, Please excuse me for slowness, like me the computer is rather past it and not wanting to play this morning.

Reg EJ56 NEF Chassis No WFOWXXGBBW6R35375 My mistake, must have typed the wrong reg number.


If the 40amp fuse put that amount of power through the blower relay would that damage something else in the system?


If the control panel self test didn't come up with a code, does it mean that there is nothing wrong with the system? That was the result the Ford guy came up with.

Regards John..



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

fuses 65, 76, & 93 all ok, John.

Hi there john

Ok do you have a volt meter to check voltage at fuse 65.69,76&93
These should all have battery voltage with ignition on

The diagram I have is for your chassis number shows a fuse in fuse 6&7 at the bjb

Can you check the fuses for voltage

The module they are speaking of must be the blower motor module
Iam currently looking into this location /job size

Regards Brian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Brian,

I don't have a volt meter only a circuit tester which will show current and volts from 6v 12v 24v etc. + and neg.-.Will that do?


Even though there wasn't a fuse in F7 everything in the car worked.


Regards John.

Hi john

Yes thatll be fine to test voltages

I assume you mean there was nothing in fuse 6 (then you put fuse 7 into this port )

Regards Brian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Brian, correct, I put 7 into 6 port and the fan came on full power.

I am working on the fuse testing now.


Regards John.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Brian,

power at fuses 65 69 93 but I can't find any at 76.

Regards John.


I have had a look on Ebay and there seems to be a good range of parts from just the resistor, fan motors and the complete assembly. all at reasonable prices.

Regards John.

Hi there john

Ok I have double checked this diagram and it is showing a 50amp fuse in fuse 7 & a 40amp fuse in fuse 6

Fuse 6 powers the blower motor relay which in turn powers fuse 76
This fuse 76 then powers pin 25 at the climate control panel (which us the automatic climate control panel
This fuse also powers the blower motor module

Can you fit fuses to both 6&7 to we see what happens as if you have put fuse 7 into 6 then fuse 7 which powers the climate control module would have no fuse init
Thus no power to the module
On this Varient if you dissconnect the full control panel and turn the ignition on the fan blows full power without the panel even connected

It may be a case of there was a fuse in here after all
Thus is something we must rule out



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Brian,

I am pretty sure that there wasn't a fuse in port 6 but it is not beyond the relms of possibility that I took it out and lost it. So far it does look as if that could be the problem.


I don't have any spare fuses of that type, and as I think that we have reached the end of my abilities, may I suggest that as the car is booked in with Fin, our machanic in Oban, I will let him carry on from here.


If it is ok.with you, I will send a print out of your answers so far and he can try a new fuse in 6. and he can get in touch with you if he needs to.

Thank you so much for your help in getting to this stage, I will see how it goes tomorrow and get back to you after that.


Regards John.

Hi there john

It is just that the only diagram shows a 40 amp fuse in fuse 6

And it would make sense if you removed 7 and powered 6 the fan would blow constant as 7 is the constant feed to module

Yes that's fine to give him my advice
If you need anymore help or advice on this issue john please let me know
If you have been completley satisfied with my answer /advice so far
Kind regards XXXXX XXXXX and have a nice day


Ps we can continue on this post even after my advice has been rated
Gallagher99 and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Brian,

The car went into Fin's garage today and he had allready been thinking along the lines of a fuse missing. Your suggestion confirmed it. A fuse was put into port 6 and everything now works.

So much for a Ford garage. The wiring diagram they had left in the car was for a 2000 Mondeo.?????

We paid them quite a lot of money and it would have cost a heck of a lot more if we had taken it back to them.

Also, so much for me trying to find a blown fuse on a very cold, windy and wet day by the side of the road in Fort William. I could have sworn I didn't loose the fuse. Oh well, it could have been worse.


Many, many thanks for your time and advise,

.Best regards


Hi there john ,good evening to you

That's great news they everything is operating correctly again
As I said when studying the diagram it was throwing me a bit in regards to the 2 fuses that should be fitted thus why I made the call on it

I cannot vouch for other ford dealerships but from what you have told me regarding this fault
First they told you it was the control panel then you next you would require a dash removal !!!!

I shudder to think what the final bill would have been. £800++ ? and also the fault would have still been there
I hope you have been happy with my service john and will use me again as I pride myself on customer satisfaction
And as you will understand trying to diagnose vehicles is pretty difficult especially when the vehicle HAS been in a main dealer and they can't resolve it

If you every need any future advice or technical help (that includes fuses )
Please let me know and I will do my upmost to help and assist you
Kind regards in advance john and have a nice evening
Any positive feedback or bonuses are greatly appreciated and help my online profile

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Brian, Not quite everything is working properly.My wife has just driven down to Glasgow tonight and tells me that there is constant hot air coming from the small round vents even when the stat is set at 16 degrees I guess that a self test might show a code It has to go into Fins garage again next week so he could sore it then. Apart from that, it is all ok.

She has gone to see our son who is also a mechanic He works for Finnings Caterpiller so not much good for solving our problems.

Thanks again, Regards John.

PS I left some good feedback for you, Excellent service.

Hi there ,john ,good evening to you
Hi there ,john ,good evening to you

Ok in this instance the first thing that should be checked is the temperature blend flap as these were prone for sticking on older Mondeo

The temperature blend flap is located on the drivers side if the heater box (remove the drivers inner lower dash trim 1x philips screw

Then look upward to the heater box
There is 3 small actuator motors that work temp blend /face/foot vent etc

The bottom one is the temp blend flap remove the actuator 3 small torx screws and using a 50 mm torx socket work the flap back and forth a few times ensuring the air goes from hot to cool then refit the actuator and see if the fault us rectified

If the actuator is suspect it can be swapped for one of the others for testing purposes

This is the most common concern regarding this issue

So I would rule these out first then we can progress

Regards in advance

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Brian, Thanks for that, I will give that a go on Saturday when the car is back here and I will get back to you then.

Regards John.

No worries john

Regards Brian