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Hi I have a ford mondeo titanium x sport (2009) and it has

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I have a ford mondeo titanium x sport (2009) and it has the touchscreen Blauunkt HSRNS (I believe) 7 inch touchscreen with DVD inside it somewhere...

It has been fine but now the screen goes black, then sometimes purple then sometimes white and then back for a few secs.. when this happens none of the buttons work (neither does left hand side controls on steering wheel). Last night the screen stuck on and even with the ignition off it and all doors shut it wouldnt turn off.. I ended up holding daown the NAV and MENU buttons for 10 secs and then it switched off.

I do have an extended warranty but get the impression they will try and worm out of payuing anything agani (like they did with a gps aerial fault which they blamed on water ingress).. by saying this is either wear and tear or gradual deteriation or failure of parts which have reached the end of there working life..

Anyway do you have any ideas or do you think that i can argue its not the above two points.. its so integral to the car and other functions and I assume its a sealed unit.

Hi there ,good afternoon to you ,sorry for the delay

Ok regarding your first issue with the touch screen issue
the most common issue we see with this audio/sat nav unit is a software glitch (internal of the unit /module)
Ford released a software update to eradicate several glitches /issues with the unit
The latest level update is level 5.1 /5.3 this software update can only be done by a main ford dealership
(if they have the disc ) as the update disc has to be ordered direct from bosch. ,
The service instructions are avaiable in fords technical service bulletin 14/2009

( the disc is retained by the dealer and used over again ) A temporary fix when the issue arises would be to dissconnect the battery for a few minutes to re-set the unit ( Be sure you have the radio code )
This is always the first thing that should be done before going any further

Regarding the second issue with the gps antenna
the fault with your gps antenna base is caused by moisture /water ingress )
Most times the mast seizes into The base so both parts are changed together
This isn't
However I have recently had a gps issue on your model and ford have now released an internal gps antenna to eliminate any future ingress issues

You have two choices

You can replace the gps base and probably The Mast to cure this issue


If you want to fit this new type internal gps antenna thorn you must replace the
Aieral base (now just a normal base)probably the mast as its most likely seized
Then you need to fit the new gps antenna and 2 Aieral/gps cables as the fitments are different

Obivously the second option is slightly more expensive as there are 5 parts required

If you need anymore help or advice on this issue please let me know
If you are completley satisfied with my answer /advice
Kind regards XXXXX XXXXX and have a nice day


Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Thanks for reply, firstly with regards XXXXX XXXXX GPS issue that was resolved as I had to do exactly what you stated and get the internal fitted. The warranty didnt pay out for this as they blamed water.


The main problem I have now only just started to occur after a year of hacing the car, if it was a software glitch wouldnt it have manfifested earlier? It is booked into ford tomorrow to diagnose.. is there a way i can tell waht software version it is on to see if it is on an earlier version:?


My main question is , can this be classed as wear and tear or the parts have come to the end of there effective life? (Which the warranty people may use).. the actual DVD drive itself cant cause these issues can it?





Hi there terry

Ok if you press and hold nav+menu it will take you to a serperate menu
Select SW/HW

this shows the software level it is normally lower than 1118

The software gliches cannot be deemed wear and tear as there is no way if knowing about it or preventing it

The DVD drive for the road data disc is located behind the power button pops off then this cover pops off



Customer: replied 3 years ago.



It states that the main software version is 0905_090802


Nav ver sw NO967VF_6.4c1p19


Plus i have found that the code I have in my ford isnt the code for this unit :(



Hi terry

Ok as your software level is lower than 1118 then the Bosch unit requires a software update of 5.1/5.3
Referenced to the bulletin 14/2009

Regarding your radio code I would require the serial number off the side of the audio unit in irder to generate the correct code
You will need 4 special flat radio pins to remove this unit


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I thought this was a blaunplukt NX 7" HSNRS unit? not bosch

Hi there terry

Ok the unit itself is a blaupunkt 7inch nx fitted to Mondeo s-max /galaxy
However the software updates DVDs are supplied by Bosch directly to the dealer
As Bosch /blaupunkt work in conjunction with each other

Sorry for any confusion terry
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok thanks for all the info... very last question and i will finish this for you. I have just bought this off ebay (as its the latest)


Will this have the update on the disk?




Hi there terry

Ok this is the latest road data DVD (maps )
This will not update the software levels


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