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hi i have a mondeo 2.0 tdci hatch 55 reg,i know the dmf needs

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hi i have a mondeo 2.0 tdci hatch 55 reg,i know the dmf needs changing as i knew when i bought it however after puttin fuel in aftyer ten mins the engine cut out and now wont start,i have obd readings ofp0335 crank a sensor and p0191 fuel rail pressure, any advice would be appreciated toi get the car to star again to get ity to the garage for the dmf change
Hello, I hope the following assists you.
Either of these fault can stop the engine starting and are probably not related. The crank sensor fault may be caused by debris from the DMF sticking to the magnet on the censor so distorting the signal or blocking it altogether, if possible check the crank signal using a live data reader also try removing the sensor and check it for debris.
P0191 is a fuel pressure sensor malfunction non electrical fault. This happens when a pressure is detected by the PCM that isn't valid for the conditions. If possible check the fuel rail pressure at ignition on but not cranking it should be low, usually around 0 to 6 bar at most, if it is 2000 bar this would indicate an open circuit to the pressure sensor but this should leave the code P0190 instead.
The crank DTC may be flywheel related but the fuel pressure sensor DTC isn't flywheel related, it may be one of the codes is historic rather than current, you may find the glow plug light is flashing, it should if there is a current fault.
I hope this helps but if you have more questions regarding this let me know and I'll reply as soon as I'm able to.
Best wishes,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi thanks for youre answer i have quite a bit motor experience but im afraid this new age with pcm etc is a bit confusing to me,so please forgive the ignorance in many respects,the glow plug ;light is flashing continuosly when cranking the engine,also if i spray easy start it runs albeit not perfetly but it fires the engine then stops when i stop spraying,ive ordered new fuel filter and crank angle sensor which im confident i can fit myself,its just so frustrating that it was running perfect and quite surprised at the power etc apart from the rattle from the dmf,in short what tool do i need to check fuel pressure or wopuld i know if i loosened injector when ignition on but not cranking,also could the fuel filter be playing a large part in the cutting out and non start situation,many thanks for yr patience i just want to get it runnin as im sure youve heard before its down to the worry of how much will all this cost to get running,i dont want to hit and hope by changin loads of parts jif i could get a point in the right direction is what im looking for,the car has done 109,000 mls the fuel filter dosent look as if its been changed in a while,thanks GARY

Hello again,
the fuel filter won't give a crank sensor fault. Spraying easy start and the engine firing on this just confirms there is no mechanical failure in the engine and it is no fuel that is causing the non start but without a crank sensor signal or the correct fuel pressure the PCM will set the fuel to zero.
Checking the fuel pressure needs to be done electronically as the pressures involved can reach 1600 bar (20000 PSI plus) loosening the injector pipes won't give a correct indication of the rail pressure.
If you have a code reader that gave you the codes to start with delete them and see which returns. To be honest I wouldn't swap the fuel filter yet as if you change it the system needs to be bled so you could end up with a non start due to air in the fuel system on top of the fault you have now. If you have a crank sensor on order then try swapping this, it may be worth checking the engine wiring to make sure it's not damaged anywhere which could cause the 2 codes although a little unlikely.
Let me know if I can advise further.
Best wishes,
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