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I keep get the fault code P2002 it comes on when I have the

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car out for a drive 20mins motorway speeds, then when I say go into a shop and then drive off the light comes back on. I have had a new dpf fitted and the additive has been filled up and I have a new sensor fiited, I took to a dealership and they told me that dpf wasn't a ford part and that's the problem. Any ideas what it can.
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Hi there ,good morning to you

Ok the fault code p2002 - missing DPF filter /low sensor reading

This can be caused by a few things

1- split or burst DPF hoses between the DPF and sensor (most common in this Varient )
2-a faulty DPF sensor (you say this was replaced ) this should also have the learned values reset using fords ids
3- faulty wiring or poor pin grip at the DPF sensor (there are wiring tests that should be carried out at the DPF sensor as this is how you know how blocked the DPF is and to ensure the correct feed /earths at the sensor (I have Sem issues where by the wiring was corroded near the sensor
4- DPF internal fault (not correct flow through DPF )
We always advise fitting ford DPF assembly's
And as ford have mentioned this could be the issue as it's a cheaper /poorer quality component
But I would start by inspecting the pipes and then the sensor wiring tests firstly

If you need anymore help or advice on this issue please let me know
If you are completley satisfied with my answer /advice
Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice day

Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

The DPF pipes from Ford are they just rubber or are designed for the job i.e. can any rubber hose do.

Hi there ,

Ok the rubber hoses are ford parts I don't know the exact make up of the hose material but the exhaust gases/pressure coming from the DPF is hot.
I have used good quality hose before for temp repairs

The hoses usalky cone complete with the sensor on most vehicles however you can get the sensor seperatly

These hoses only need replaced if they are split this the sensor wouldn't get the correct reading thus the code p2002 low particulate pressure

Regards ***** *****