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Start stop doesnt work on my Mondeo ecotec 1.6 diesel. Been

Start stop doesn't work on... Show More
Start stop doesn't work on my Mondeo ecotec 1.6 diesel. Been to ford garage they can't find fault
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Hi there ,good evening to you
Ok I deal with all stop start issues in my dealership so consider myself quite knowledgable regarding the system
Ok the main cause of the stop /start System not working is down to a low battery state of charge (SOC ) this doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the battery itself
The stop /start system have a battery monitoring sensor connected to the negative terminal on the battery this sensor monitors temperature /charging rate /and a few other factors
It then does a calculation and this is where we get the SOC
if the battery state of charge drops below 72% it will disable the stop start system
Nearly every vehicle we see in suffers this concern
To resolve the issue the battery needs to be charged for a few hours 3-4 hours is normally enough to bring the SOC up to around 95% and allowing the stop start system to work
some of the vehicles have a self test function (not all ) depends on ECU software
The self test function basically gets you to stall the car in 4th gear with handbrake on
Then try restating it by just depressing the clutch
This lets is know the system (does work ) but something is inhibiting it
You can attempt this yourself
I find it strange that ford have basically washed there hands of this issue instead if resolving it for you
As the SOC should be the first thing that is suspected
If you need anymore help or advice on this issue please let me know
If you are completley satisfied with my answer /advice
Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice evening
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.
If soc is the problem will charging to battery fix it? The garage said they had it on charge but still doesn't work
Hi there ,
Ok the SOC. Must be checked first this can be checked using the datalogger function in fords ids software -BCMii. -SOC - if this is below 72% the stop start will not operate until it reaches this % or above
The battery must be charged for several hours depending on the battery SOC
Also the battety must be left fitted and connected to the vehicle so the battery monitoring sensor can monitor and cakculate the correct SOC
The stop/start will start working again once 72% or above is reached
This SOC must be checked firstly
Regards ***** *****