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dear sir, have a ford mondeo 2006 model diesel-- with injector

dear sir,
have a ford mondeo... Show More
dear sir,
have a ford mondeo 2006 model diesel-- with injector problems,replaced with recon injectors,but them also failed.the supplier of injectors saying that their is fuel metal contamination in the this possible?and how can the tank be contaminated with metal from the pump.thank you.
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Go there Brian good afternoon to you
Sorry for the delay
Ok Unfortunatley this is true and is an issue I have seen many times over the years where by other garages have bought injectors from us and fitted /coded then only for them to fail a very short time later
Basically the injectors become blocked with metal swarf in the fuel rendering them useless
This is why the FIRST test we always carry out on these 2.0tdci Varients is to take a fuel sample from the return from the fuel pump (red pipe at filter )and them use a magnet to check for metal swarf
If metal swarf is present this is a tell tale sign that the fuel pump is breaking up
And this is the root cause of the injector failures
To resolve this issue you need to fit a new pump /injectors /fuel filter/pipes and common rail and then remove ALL. Fuel system components and clean them till spotless and no metal particles are eveident (time consuming )
This includes all pipes /fuel tank sender unit etc
As the metal swarf particles contaminate the complete fuel system
The reason this cleaning procedure is so important is to prevent any future contamination of the system
If you need anymore help or advice on this issue Brian please let me know
If you are completley satisfied with my answer /advice
Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice day
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

thank you for the reply---but how does metal particles end up in the tank ,in the first place?is there any ford technical or any more information from ford on this topic.thank you.


Hi there
Ok the metal swarf ends up in the tank as when the pump starts breaking up tiny metal particles are sent from the return pipe out if the pump to the fuel filter(the filter catches most of these particles but some make there way to the tank as we are talking microscopic swarf particles
Over time these accumulate in the tank and fuel system this the system becomes contaminated
there is no information as such nothing was ever released on this issue in regards ***** ***** fix etc
Regards ***** *****