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I own a 2004 Ford Fiesta Ghia, 57000 miles, bought for £3000

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I own a 2004 Ford Fiesta Ghia, 57000 miles, bought for £3000 6 months ago. I have been told my head gasket is gone and will cost over £1000 to get fixed. This seems very high?
What would you estimate the cost to be?
Should I just scrap the car and start again?
Should I get a reconditioned engine and cover all my bases?
Hi there ,good afternoon to you
Ok this does seem a bit high for this repair I would have thought more in the region of £500-£600 (depending on parts prices (if it is just a straight forward head gasket replacement )
And to be honest it's not that big a job compared to some cylinder head jobs
You would require a new head gasket kit and timing belt kit +coolants/oil/filter etc and around 6hours to carry out the job the job
Obivously I would have to price up the cost of the parts and depending on the labour per hour rate of the garage as this varies between garages
It would be worth phoning /shopping around different garages to get the best price instead of allow one garage to dictate a price to you
I definatley wouldn't be scrapping the vehicle for this fault as you have just paid £3000 for it you would get £120 scrap value
If you don't want to spend anymore money on it and the vehicle runs you could trade it into a garage for another vehicle
A recon engine would be a few hundred pound and then you need to pay someone to fit it
I would shop around as I think you'll get this done a lot cheaper
If you need anymore help or advice on this issue please let me know
If you are completley satisfied with my answer /advice
Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice day
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