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I have a 2010 ford transit trend the indicators have

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I have a 2010 ford transit trend the indicators have blown while towing a caravan which is the fuse to be replaced and where can I locate it has the handbook appears not to give me this information
Hi there Dave ,good morning to you
Do you still require assistance with this issue
Regards Brian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Morning Brian,

yes I still require a response to the original question



Hi Dave very sorry for the delayed response (kids)
Ok there is no fuses on the indicator system on the transit
The BCMii ) Body Control Module ) sends a pulsed feed to each indicator from the internal hardware of the BCMii
On these newer vehicles when the BCMii sees a short in the system it just shuts the relavent system down
To resolve this issue you must have the BCMii reset /codes erased using a suitable diagnostic computer ideally fords ids software
For example if you fit the wrong build ie a single filament bulb into a double filament holder the BCMii sees the short and shuts the side lights off in the relavent side if you then fit the correct bulb the system will still not operate until the system has been cleared as it still has the code logged stating there is a short circuit
If you need anymore help or advice on this issue Dave please let me know
If you are completley satisfied with my answer /advice
Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice day
Gallagher99 and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Brian

just to clear things up......

so if the problem is with the towing electrics even when removed this fault would still be logged in the BCMii even though there is no blown fuse or bulbs on the towing vehicle.

The BCMii now logs the fault and doesn't reset once the offending item removed it needs a diagnostic computer to reset, seems very clever to pick fault up but very dumb in that it doesn't reset once the problem has been removed

hope I've interpreted your reply correctly



Hi there Dave good evening to you sorry for the delayed response I have been out all day

Ok the BCMii is a very clever and complex module
If the Code is still logged for ie indicator light short circuit and the repair is fixed the BCMii will still not allow the feed to be giving as it still thinks the short is there
I have seen this stump is many technicians over the years when all that was needed was the codes erased from the BCMii

Regards in advance