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I have just rebuilt the top halve of the abfa 2004 tddi engine.

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I have just rebuilt the top halve of the abfa 2004 tddi engine. it starts (although takes afew seconds to catch) and ticks over steady with no smoke. the problem was the cam carrier was cracked causing the rockers to lift. Before this was done, a new feul pump was fitted a VP30. My haynes manual says it should be a VP44 but I was asured that the vp30 was OK??
the problem is now that when driving it is very slugish when excellerating will not rev above 3200(even when not in gear) and it sounds to be 'pinking' could it be that something need setting up in the ECU (the pump was installed before the head rebuild and the procedure that came with the pump was followed) the injectors were cleaned but unknown whether the were reinstalled in the original positions. the turbo was check and cleaned and was spinning freely before refit.
Hello, I hope the following assists you.
The Haynes manual is incorrect, a 100 PS ABFA engine is fitted with a VP30 fuel pump.
With regard to the injectors, a TDDi engine doesn't have coded injectors so their position before and after any repair isn't relevant.
From the description you've given there are a couple of check, the pump timing needs checking as it's not unusual for this to be set incorrectly leading to an incorrect start of injection point. When the pump is removed or the timing chain removed then it's very important that the chain is tight between the pump and crank when the timing chain tensioner is released, if only the pump is removed then on refitting the pump sprocket needs to be pulled anticlockwise before tightening the sprocket bolts.
The PCM needs checking for stored fault codes as some codes that are stored but the fault has been repaired cause the PCM to limit power.
Start with these points, let me know if I can assist further and I'll reply as soon as I'm able to.
Best wishes,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Been busy, thanks for verifying the vp30 and injectors are OK. the timing chain is correct I had 6mm drills in all 3 holes and all sprockets were turned back and tightened when the chain was tight.

the PCM will need checking for faults but I have read that the NEW pump will need to be retimed by the PCM interface

This blog has basically the same fault but he changed the timing solenoid. But states if you have a new pump it need re-timing

Does this mean the chain timing or timing by the PCM interface.

I will try to get the PCM test done tomorrow

Hello again,

the replacement pump doesn't need to be timed to the PCM, the only programming needed when a pump is replaced is the immobiliser.

The timing people refer to will be making sure the pump is correctly timed when fitted.

As I said earlier if the original codes aren't cleared or any are set when the pump is bled due to the air then these need to be deleted.

Let me know if I can assists further.

Best wishes,


sean and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have finally got the PCM codes read (my readers Won't read them) and a full read out printed. The stored codes were

P0404 (PCM) EGR valve position Control Fault (the EGR has a Blanking plate in

P1666 (PCM) (FIP) Crank Ref syncronisation

P0149 (PCM) Fuel timing error reported by (FIP)

P1564 (PCM) (FIP) requesting reduced fuel Mode

And B1318 -no discription

these were all cleared and the engine was started again

after a few seconds P0149 came back and the engine was still running (pinking)

we were told that after alittle while the others may come back as well.

So the fault was not cleared by resetting as suggested

I am certain that the chain timing was done correctly if that is so (i will check again) is it that the NEW pump (from Euro carparts at £900) is faulty. (ie timing solenoid). Or could you come up with anything else.

Hello again,
P0149 usually occurs with P1564 and when these are together it is usually the pump timing solenoid at fault, this is provided as you say the chain timing is correct. If the pump isn't under any sort of warranty it is possible to replace the solenoid with the pump in situ.
Best regards,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

P1564 was not present are you saying that it is not the timing solenoid if it is not present

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

please ignor that last reply P1564 was present with P0149 therefore you are saying that If the chain timing is correct (which I shall re-check tommorrow then it is the timing solenoid on the new pump at fault.

which should be under warranty.

Hello again,
yes these 2 codes are usually a fault with the timing control solenoid on the pump, this is why you get the diesel knock.
Best regards,