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Ford 1600 duratorch engine oil warning light.

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I have an 06 Ford c max with a 1600 duratorch engine. The oil warning light keeps going off and on and there is a knocking sound coming from the left (Driver side) of the engine. The strangest indicator is that the engine itself runs fine with no negative indicators. It is as if it doesn't know it has a problem. As proof of this the car was driven 70 miles like this and northing untoward seems to have happened.


Hopefully i can help..

It might be worth at least having the oil pressure checked out - this would be ideal to see what the pumps performing like and whether its within spec pressure need to have oil pressure guage fitted in place of the oil pressure switch..something else that needs to be checked out to ensure you dont have failing switch alas unlikely if a knocking is heard..i would asume it has a good oil/filter change service in view of that - the next stages is say if the oil pressure is low,verified via test above is to get the sump off and see what the pick up/screen is like and ensure its not blocked up..if ok..then im afraid the oil pump would likely be the culprit here or on it last legs which you dont want failing completely or risk lack of oil distribution around the causing further problems internally..I do hope this helps..if you need to ask anything else or include anything further then just continue before you rate

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert

Would a failing oil pump be capable of causing the noise?

Hi..there thanks for your responce..

Normally they would rattle or you would find the top end of the engine would noiser as a result due to lack of oil reaching these parts and of course your oil warning light as the pressure switch detects a low pressure reading..depends how its failed could cause a knocking noise as a result..but it would be strongly suggested to have it checked properly or even see if there is any debris or metallic swarf within the sump caused by the pump failing..worth checking - aswell as the testing as above etc before you go replacing anything.obviously i can't see the car so can only go by your description of events..i would asume they have ruled out other areas such as failing harmonic balancer this the crank pulley..these have a rubber insert an can break up causing knocking noise as such..and anything else realted on the pulley side of the engine assosories wise/timing gear etc..but seeing as the warning is on it worth seeing what the pressure is..I do hope this helps further