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sean, Ford Technician
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Hi Sean I hope you receive this? My Heater lights are ok ..

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Hi Sean I hope you receive this? My Heater lights are ok .. the lights for the illumination of the Speedo and Rev Counter are not working .. I think the lights work on the Trip milage indicator and the outside temp indicator work because I can read them in daylight?
I hope this helps you in your diagnosis Regards
Ron ps how do I know you have received this message?

Hello again, you should have been able to post on the same thread as you're original question although from my side it appears you haven't viewed my original reply so I'm not sure what's happened there.

As the heater control lights and the time clock light up the headlight switch is sending power to the instrument illumination circuits.

Two fuses power these circuits, fuse 21 (15A) in the fuse box under the bonnet and fuse 88 (15A) in the fuse box in the car. Pin 9 of the headlight switch (blue/red wire) is the power out to the illumination, this goes to pin 4 of the instrument cluster connector.

Check at the cluster connector for 12 volts with the lights on, if there is 12 volts there check pin 17 (black/orange wire) of the same connector for a good earth, you can remove the cluster connector without removing the cluster but you do need to remove the lower dash panel.

If there is 12 volts and an earth then remove the cluster and check the bulbs, it's unlikely but possible the bulbs have blown, you can remove each bulb holder and check for 12 volts to it.

I suspect the fault is likely to be in the cluster connection or bulbs as the other illumination works.

Let me know through this thread if you need further advice and I'll reply as soon as I'm able to.

Best wishes,


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hiya Sean Yesterday I went thro all the fuses ,under Glove box and in the engine and Fuse 21 under the bonnet had indeed blown, but I renewed it and it blew again? So I put a 30amp in just for a few mins whilst I went round to see if the panel illumination had come on , it hadn't? ... So I removed 30 amp fuse (dangerous to leave in I thought) and put another fuse (15amp) in and it blew again?... The only thing I have done this morning is really pushed at all the relays etc in the box and as you said fuse 21 was in the circuit so I have renewed with a 10 amp fuse (I have run out of 15amps) and LO AND BEHOLD MY PANEL LIGHTS HAVE COME BACK ON? and all at moment all seams fine. I resume you would want me to put a 15amp fuse in when I can get one. I will go for a spin in car to make sure still ok.

Any other advice ps I have lost my radio code so my radio isn't on presently do I have to ring up Ford?



Hello again,
yes you need the correct rating fuse as otherwise too low a fuse can keep blowing and too high can cause wiring damage.
With regard to the radio code, to get this needs the serial number of the unit, this is on a label on the side of the unit so requires radio removal or on some later units press and hold preset buttons 1 and 6, the display will scroll and may give the serial number. The serial number is ***** digits, a letter usually a V followed by 6 numbers, if you can get this I can get the code although that will be a bit later today as the Ford site has restricted use on Sunday for routine maintenance.
The only Ford dealer who can give you the code without the serial number will be the supplying dealer and then only if they made a record of it when the car was sold.
Let me know if I can advise further.
Best wishes,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Sean I have put a 15amp fuse in now and all seems to be ok on the lights in the panel.I have pressed 1 and 6 on my radio and the following numbers came up ? FDD 2004 .... Mo14831 .... C830328 .... 14831

Sept 2004.

Do these make sense to you?

Thanks Ron

on the face side I am ready to put a smiley for you after my wife has run to shops (15mins) and she returns and tells me lights still ok.

Hello again,
I'll try the M014831 when the site comes back on line later today, this is a valid serial number.
Hello again, if the serial number is ***** then the code for this is 2307.
If this doesn't go in don't keep trying it, the unit will have to be removed to look at the label.
Let me know if I can advise further.
Best regards,
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