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can i run an st170 ecu in my focus just to run the instrument

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can i run an st170 ecu in my focus just to run the instrument cluster and an after-market ecu to run my engine, please help
Hello, I hope I can offer you some assistance.
Can you clarify exactly what you want to do? Do you want to fit an ST 170 instrument cluster to your standard 2.0L car? What do you mean by an after market ECU to run the engine? Do you mean will an ST170 ECU run a standard 2.0L engine?
Let me know, the more information you give the better.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

my car is an 2000 1.6 zetec focus, it now has a st170 engine fitted, with an aftermarket ecu, M-Tech Automotive v3, that just runs the engine, (not very well). This st170 engine has Suzuki GSXR1000
throttlebodies with Hyabusa injectors, instead of ford. I want to drive this car on the road also race it in hillclimbs/sprints, to drive it on the road i want the standard ford focus instrument cluster to work, but the M-Tech ecu won't operate the standard instruments, can i run a standard st170 ecu to run the instruments and the M-Tech v3 ecu to run the st170 engine without having problems from the ford ecu?



Hello again, sorry for further questions.
Does the V3 ECU plug directly into the existing loom for the standard PCM, or is there a separate loom for the V3 ECU? Do all the non PCM related functions still work on the cluster with the V3 unit running the engine?
Let me know,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


the person i bought the vehicle from cut the original ecu about an inch of wires left out of the original ford ecu, the M-Tech ecu has a different ecu plug, the M-Tech ecu will not run the original ford focus instrument cluster, so can i use an original st170/zetec ecu to run the original ford focus instrument cluster and alongside it use the M-Tech ecu and its own loom to run the st170 engine with the Suzuki GSXR 1000 throttlebodies/Hyabusa injectors, in other words 2 ecu,s and 2 looms



please send info as a straight e-mail as i cannot open your files!


thank you


Hello again, sorry your email doesn't show as personal information isn't allowed to be posted here. In theory you should be able to use the ECU you already have from the 1.6 to run the cluster information. Only certain information would be needed to run the cluster. All the information for the cluster from the original ECU is sent on the CAN so this should still be possible but you would need to isolate some wiring to prevent any conflict of signals. The main signals the cluster would need are, crank sensor signal (RPM, you may need to piggy back this as the other ECU will be using this) CHT/ECT signal for the temperature gauge. The fuel gauge should be OK, although the fuel pump is controlled by the original PCM the sender is hard wired to the cluster. I've put the wiring diagrams for the cluster and the original 1.6 PCM at the following. Let me know if I can assist further. Best regards, Sean.

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