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Robert, Ford Technician
Category: Ford
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Hi I have a mondeo st, and the service light has come on and

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Hi I have a mondeo st, and the service light has come on and can't be reset, but the car was serviced about 2-3 months this important please..


Hopefully i can help..

Just to clarify - What method have you tried to get the service light out?

Did they/garage reset it after service as per 2-3months ago?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes the garage said they reset it, it was out until this morning when I started my car.

I used a pin in the reset hole on the dash, but the light has remained alight

Hi..there sorry for the delay..

Ok..yes thats exactly the the way to reset it,normally this has to be done every 10,000miles..the older mondeos had small button in glovebox..normally these where done away with and now the procedure as you have done is the way to reset it..sometimes from i recall or experiance some where hit and miss or you had to do it a couple of times to finally get it set..i wouldnt use a pin maybe try a paperclip or a very small fine allen key to fit the hole and feel for the small button down in the hole and keep it pressed for upto 5seconds with the ignition on and that that should reset it..if that doesnt work then it sounds like which isnt too uncommon the small microswitch itself is faulty.however that would require removal of dash instrument panel to sort that..the light itself isnt a big deal and wont effect the cars performance..if niether options reset it then its a case of getting access to the microswitch or normally maybe try the diagnostic method plugged in a reset it that way..or remove the service light bulb from the panel and do a way with it completely..but maybe try the paperclip etc and and give it few more tries need to feel the small microswitch press in to be able to reset it..I do hope this helps..If you need to ask anything else or include anything further then please just continue before you rate

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