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Hi my Ford fiestas clutch isn't working I think it's a 1998/9

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Hi my Ford fiestas clutch isn't working I think it's a 1998/9 (T reg) it only just goes into gear and has pretty much no pressure when I press the clutch, I've read some forums and could it be a case of just filling up my break fluid?
Hello, I hope the following assists you.
As you say the first place to start is to check the brake fluid level, the clutch system uses the same reservoir so any leak in the clutch hydraulic system will drop the fluid level. If the brake fluid level is low then the clutch system needs to be checked for leaks. Check inside the car around the clutch pedal and on the floor mat for any signs of brake fluid any here would indicate a leaking clutch master cylinder. Check under the bonnet, look for signs of fluid around the rubber pipe coming from the side of the brake fluid reservoir, this is the supply pipe to the clutch, you can then check the pipe work from the master cylinder connectors follow the high pressure pipe to the connector on the gearbox.
Finally check underneath the car for any signs of fluid loss from the joint between the gearbox and engine, if there are signs of fluid here then this would indicate a clutch slave cylinder concern.
If there are no fluid leaks or the slave cylinder is leaking then the gearbox will need to be removed, it may be the clutch cover has suffered a mechanical failure, the gearbox also needs removing to access the clutch slave cylinder.
Once any leak has been repaired then the clutch system will need bleeding to get rid of air.
The brake fluid shouldn't need to be topped up if it does then there is a fault as the brake fluid reservoir has enough fluid to compensate for any wear in the system such as brake pads.
I hope this helps but if you have more questions regarding this let me know and I'll reply as soon as I'm able to.
Best wishes,
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