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18 tdci Fuchs dose the fuel pump need timing I removed chain

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18 tdci Fuchs dose the fuel pump need timing I removed chain to cam to pump cog dropped out just put it back in chain crank to cam timing set ok but pump is a toon n half out it starts but runs lumpy n blue smoke is it the po out ? Thanx
Hi there ,good afternoon to you
Ok what was being replaced on the vehicle
Was it just the belt or both the belt and chain cassette
Was the locking pin and bar used to time the engine up or was it just marked
Do these licking tools for perfectly at the moment
There is a hole in the fuel pump but it's more for balance than timing as the fuel pump isn't an injection pump it is only a high pressure pump that supplies fuel to the fuel rail
The injectors /pcm control the injection of fuel
Regards ***** *****
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Changing high presser fuel pump .

Crank locked off correct cam locked correct but wen removed small timing chain the top cog on chain fell off chain put back cog on chain not realizing wen rebuilt rrest timing the marks on pump wheel are two teeth out due to the cog not being correct would that off balance the pump make it run lumpy an blue smoke .....

Hi there
Yes this would cause such an issue
The chain or cog shouldn't have moved when you changed the pump as its inside a cassette connected to the crankshaft
Before installing the pump there is 2 lines that should align at 12 o clock
This is were the hole is that a drill bit can be fitted
If you remove the belt and slacken the 4 x10mm bra you can move the pump to align this hole
Also note the camshaft pulley should be slack (free wheeling ) when you got and tension the top belt if not when you tension the belt it can pull the timing out
Regards Brian
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