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I have had a emmisions valve changed on a 1.8 petrol mondeo

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I have had a emmisions valve changed on a 1.8 petrol mondeo 05 that has done 96000 miles and lighht on dash still comes on for so long and then goes of. If i have it take of at garag it comes back on after a time. The car runs all right


Hopefully i can help..

I guess your refering to the EGR valve "exhaust gas recircualtion valve"?

What faults codes do they get before they clear the warning light?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes it was EGR valve but they did not garantee it wood work

Hi..there thanks for your responce..

Ok..Im not sure why they keep erasing the fault code and not getting to the route cause,if they couldnt guarantee it would solve the issue then its pretty clear they wont ever be able to resolve your issue..the reason the engine management light coming on means the ecu is seeing or has picked up a fault with one of the engine sensors/ecu controlled,monitored components and thus stores the relevent faults codes to be retrived..that has to be done to see "exactly" whats showing up..if its EGR related then considering the valve hasnt actually solved the problem means the valve was never at fault and the faults either going to be elsewhere - possible excessive/insufficent flow issue - id imagine they did check the oriface the valve was removed from for excess soot build up - or a possible communication fault between that the egr and the ecu wiring wise which would need to be checked or possible vaccum leak or problem with the MAF..You really need to find out what these fault codes are before even considering replacing anything further..even it requires another garage better equiped to deal with it..maybe try this site here I do hope this helps..if you require to ask anything further or include further info then please do so before you rate

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

so you dont think it problem with engin it never use oil between services only other job had done was pipe fro carbareter to back of engin

Hi..there sorry for the late reply..

Most likely a vaccum line for the throttle body not uncommon - As far as you describe the engine seems to run ok it wont be a mechanical problem..then the engine light could just be loose connection/harness plug or sensor dropping out or the ecu looses communication - if it goes out again which means the problem crops up and then fixes itself hence the engine light going out,might be something to consider having inspected i mean all the engine bay/engine plug connections..maybe a wiggle test on each to see if that throws the light up on the dash - the car could also be test driven whilst plugged in to catch what ever code appears when the engine light flags up..if your having erased each time you visit the garage then thats all you be doing until such time the faults traced..

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