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07 2.4 transit with 157000miles there is oil in the header

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07 2.4 transit with 157000miles there is oil in the header water tank and the engine oil is ok and the temp. is ok. I cant figure it out.. help please. John


Hopefully i can help..

Sellers wrong - if oil has found its way into the coolant system this can mix with antifreeze and cause a sludge formation to occur a bit like a fail headgasket..this can block up coolant passage ways and cause coolant system problems/overheating..there are two obvious places on these engines that can cause this..the first is the most common oil cooler fault..this part of the oil filter housing..if you locate that you see the coolant hoses leading to it the chamber..when it fails/gasket fails it causes both fluids to mix and because oil pressure is alot higher than coolant pressure the oil will always find its way into the coolant system and you'll see that floating about on the top in the expansion tank the engine solve that some people actually disconnect both hoses and join them together with out much problem..but the fix is to replace the oil cooler,new gaskets/flush the entire system out including the radiator and heater matrix/replace the thermostat - and flush out more than once or twice with cleaning additives in regards ***** ***** of the system etc aswell in some cases normally replace all the coolant hoses..Apart from the cooler causing this the headgasket could also cause this too..but as you describe id say the oil cooler is most likely your as above that about the next move on to get that checked out/oil cooler as such and then take it from there..bear in mind though.even after the cooler has been changed you will never get all the oil out you might small traces even after but shouldnt cause any long as the bulk of the coolant and oil mix has been flushed out it should be ok..I do hope this helps..

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