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52 Reg 5dr Fiesta Zentec (bought 2nd hand April 2012): Speedo

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52 Reg 5dr Fiesta Zentec (bought 2nd hand April 2012): Speedo occasionally drops back to Zero for either a few hundred yards or up to 5miles then comes back to speed. Had it back to dealer/garage where I bought car but now they have given up on it! I use revs counter as speed indicator (1000 revs= 30mph; 2000=60) so I'm able to keep within speed limits! I note a comment on WhatCar website that this was a recognised fault but usually rectified under Warranty. (I haven't tried my previous garage who were quite good at these quirky faults - may be will try them!). But have you any suggestions, please?
Hi there good evening to you
Ok your issue lies with a faulty speed sensor located on the gearbox
This was quite a common concern on the early fiestas without abs
The sensor is around £40 and takes around 30 mins to 1 hour to fit depending on how easy it comes out of the gearbox
I always advise replacing the sensor and roll pin at the same time as the securing roll pin can be damaged on removal
If you need anymore help or advice on this issue please let me know
If you are completley satisfied with my answer /advice
Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice day
Any positive feedback or bonuses are greatly appreciated
Gallagher99 and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I shall ask the dealer if his mechanics have tried this and see what his response is.

Hopefully it will rectify the problem before the MOT starts checking speedo's as well!!

Thanks again for your assistance.


Hi Gordon
No worries also in some cases once the new speed sensor is fitted sometimes the speedo doesn't work until the vehicle is driven a few miles and is one technicians can he dumb founded by
The reason is the pcm stops looking for the signal until driven
Regards Brian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Brian, Just dropped my car off for a service and investigation of the sensor. I will advise you of the outcome as soon as I've road-tested it!!

Here's hoping!



No worries Gordon thanks for replying
Kind regards Brian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Brian, Just to update you - despite cleaning up and liberally lubricating the existing sensor, it has refused to budge. So,will run the car for a week and see if problem resolves itself now sensor has been cleaned, then try to remove it again. Mechanics didn't want to force the sensor in case it snapped and possibly create a more expensive repair.

I'll see how speedo reacts over next 7 days and refer back to garage.

Then I'll update you as to the outcome.



Hi Gordon good morning to you
No worries
The tip when removing these speed sendirs is to remove the roll pin firstly
Then using a suitble screwdriver /pry bar and hammer chap the sensor upward and out
If you try and turn it the sensor will break
If this happens or the roll pin isn't removed carefully then the gearbox will need to be removed
But I have fitted many many sendirs over the yeRs and haven't had any major issues
Regards Brian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Brian, I'll pass this on to the garage when I take the car in again next week.


No worries Gordon
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Brian,

I do not appear to have updated you with regard to my problem with my speedo.

I am very pleased to inform you that the lubrication and the manhandling which the sensor received from the mechanics seems to have done the trick and the speedo has been working properly since last month.

I am very grateful for your advice in resolving this ongoing problem and I apologise for not contacting you earlier to let you know about it.

Kind regards

Gordon McPherson

Hi there Gordon good evening to you
No worries
That's great news thanks for replying
Iam glad my advice resolved your issue
If you ever need any future help or advice with your vehicle please let me know and I will do my upmost to help you
Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice evening and merry Christmas