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My Ford C Max 2006 has started juddering when I increase speed

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My Ford C Max 2006 has started juddering when I increase speed to 40 mph it seems as it is misfiring
Hi there good morning to you
Ok what engine is fitted to your vehicle
Does thre engibe mangament light cone on or flash
Is the missfire eveident at engine duke if you Rev the vehicle from standstill
Regards Brian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
1800 Diesel engine,
No lights are displayed the engine starts and ticks over normally you can pull away normally. Also drive normally but when you put your foot down to increase speed to 40 and over the engine feels as it is mis-firing and the car starts to judder if you decrease the pressure on the accelerator the engine seems to run normally. When is was driving up a hill last night as soon as I incresed the pressure on the throttle it started juddering
Hi there thanks
Ok is it not a holding back feeling under harder acceleration(kanagrooing )
Or can you drive through the judder
Is it felt through the full vehicle
Does it seem to happen at a certain Rev range under load rather than speed is 2000 rpm under load you feel it
Has ANY engine work been carried out or has this fault appeared out of the blue or got progressively worse
Sorry for all the question Iam trying to rule out things snd get a better feel for your fault
Kind regards ***** *****
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
You cannot drive through thr judder you have to decelerate. It feels as the engine is going to die. When I say judder it is not through the whole vehicle when you take your foot off the throttle it runs normally. It will drive ok up to about 35 mph that's when it starts to feel as if the engine is going to die. I have not had any work done on my vehicle
Hi there thanks
Ok from your description I would firstly stray with a new fuel filter
As alot of people overlook this
The filter is a paper canister on this engine and they are very prone to becoming partially blocked which which cause a hesitation feel when you demand power
The filter should be replaced every 37.5k but I have seen them block a lot sooner
Obivously it's a bit more difficult to diagnose these types of issue online as pyshically I can't feel it
But in my experience the fuel filters give us lots of issues and match your symptoms
Kind Regards ***** *****
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks I will try that where are they situated on the engine are they reasonably easy to change
Hi there
Ok the girl folter is located on the passengers side of the cylinder head inside a black plastic canister
These filters can be an absolute pain to get bled as you need to have a one way fuel hand primer and connectors to successfully bleed and start them
If not what happens is. The smallest air lock causes these to cut out after fitting the filter
Regards Brian
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