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i start the car up and leave minutes, then drive off.

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i start the car up and leave for 5 minutes, then drive off. Another 5 minutes down the road, ABS light comes on, the car starts to judder, then stalls. Turn on the ignition again but it acts like a flat battery. If i leave for about an hour, the same thing happens. Starts to judder then stalls. I replaced it with a new battery but the same thing happened again ?? any ideas
Hello, I hope I can offer you some assistance.
When the car stops how do you start it again? Do you need to boost start it or does it start after it has been left? How long was the car OK with the new battery?
Please give as much information as you can.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Sean, the car will start after its been left for a while by the key, maybe an hour or so after. The battery was only on the car for 1 day. Then it happened again. If i go and start it now it will start.

Hello again,
to start with check all the earth points for the engine and especially the main earth from the body to the battery. It may be a poor earth and after driving for a short time the high resistance in the earth is heating the wire enough to break contact. If you have access to a multimeter you can try measuring the volt drop between the battery, car body and engine, any reading higher than 0.5 volts would be a fault. The ABS light will come on as the ABS control module detects the fault or the earth contact breaks.
Once the car has stopped if left the wiring will cool enough to allow a contact again. The higher a resistance in a wire the quicker the wire will heat up but heat also increases resistance.
Start with checking the above.
Let me know if you need further assistance and I'll reply as soon as I'm able to.
Best wishes,
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