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I've got a 2005 fiesta 1.6tdci, I've recently started

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Hello I've got a 2005 fiesta 1.6tdci, I've recently started having problems with the cooling system, it's loosing water only whilst driving, the heaters in the car are going from warm (normal) then all of a sudden cold, the radiator hoses the top one is hot/warm but the lower one is cold, also the header tank continuously seems to be building pressure in the form of steam and when the car is running on idle the coolant hoses are solid almost impossible to squeeze, it's had a new water pump fitted about 500 miles ago, in my personal opinion I think there could be a circulation problem and something is telling me the thermostat but before I start the work I just wanted some professional opinion.

this sounds like you may have combustion gas entering the cooling system so the

thing to try is a head gasket / block test kit as these take a coolant sample and analyse it for any signs of combustion gas - if present this would indicate the head gasket is on its way out

If thats OK then

check that the water pump impeller / turbine isn't spinning on its shaft. You should be able to achieve this by removing the bottom hose from the engine and use a screwdriver or similar to feel for the water pump impeller blades, whilst your assistant turns the engine over by hand. If you can stop the impeller with slight pressure from the screwdriver the pump needs replacing. if this seems OK tehn yes its worth replacing the thermostat


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