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, I have a Ford Focus C-Max 2.0l Ghia (2006) auto.

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I have a Ford Focus C-Max 2.0l Ghia (2006) auto. It has an intermittent fault - when driving normally and at random times the engine loses power due to limitter coming on. Seems to be happening more when hot than when first started in the morning. Becoming more frequent. The orange enging warning light is also on constatly. If I pull over, turn off, waith a few secs, then turn back on the fault is often gone but then may come back shortly afterwards. Have already had the following work done to try and resolve the issue:
Diagnostics run at Ford Main Dealership - nothing found.
New battery £94
New throttle pedal and sensor assy £146
New Engine control - ECC V £990
New Throttle ody and motor assy £333
Transmission rebuild £1600
I have ordered a new EGR valve as I have read on some forums that this could be an issue - going to fit it on Monday. Not convinced it will resolve the issue though.
Car has been regularly serviced at Ford Main Dealership since new and runs perfectly other than this recurring fault.
Any help gratefully received as my wife is expecting a baby and we need a reliable car!
Thanks, Phil.
there good morning to you
Ok do you know what fault codes were logged at the diagnostics
Does the fault feel like it's losing power is no throttle response then it clears
Is there any smoke from exhaust when or after fault happens
Regards Brian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No fault codes showed up on any of the MANY diagnostic tests run by Ford Main Dealership or local garage.
Engine goes into what I would describe as 'limp mode' and remains in that state until the engine is turned off, left few seconds and then turned back on again. When in 'limp mode' it cannot be revved more than around 2500-3000 rpm and won't go much over 25-30mph on level ground.
Haven't noticed any smoke from the exhaust.
phil thanks Iam sorry to hear your having such a time of it with this issue
The one thing I don't understand is if the engine managemt light is on constantly there must be a fault code logged
As to why have they replaced all these parts (guessing )
Regarding the EGR valve this was a common occurance on this model and build year
And we did have many issues with them from hard starting to cutting out /limp mode (again this should log a dtc )
Ford released a modified EGR valve a few years back whee by it was visually different (had a bigger bore and stronger DC motor ) when replacing the EGR valve it must be programmed after fitting it and also the pcm must be programmed to a specific level valve it is not a case of just replacing it m
Do any messages appear on the dash is reduced acceleration /steering malfunction
Regards ***** *****
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Is it possible to bypass the EGR valve?
Ok the only way to by pass the EGR valve is to fit a blanking gasket in place of the orignial gasket
But this wouldn't rule out the EGR valve shorting out electronically
You can buy these blanking plate gaskets online few pounds
Regards ***** *****
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