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My ford kuga 2 litre TDCI has a problem when trying to accelerate

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My ford kuga 2 litre TDCI has a problem when trying to accelerate from say 60 to 70 1700 -2000 rpm in 5 or 6th gear when joining a motorway or overtaking slower traffic. The car stops accelerating and just surges up and down. Been into fords 3 times no fault found on diagnostics machine. Fine starting and running at low speeds say up to 40.
Hi there ,good afternoon to you
Ok is the fault when crusing or hard acceleration
Does feel like a sort of surge at cruise (steady revs )
Does this happen mostly on the motorway
What type of driving is the vehicle majorly use for ie slow short trips
Does the vehicle ever get a good run as too speak with hard acceleration or is it more easy driving
I assume no fault codes were logged when checked and no warning lights or messages have appeared
Regards inadvance
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi Brian, yes you are right no lights show. The car is mostly used for short run but we do give it a 60 or 70 mile run at weekends at motorway speeds.
The car starts fine and performs ok at normal urban speeds. The problem only occurs when I demand more power, say going up a steep hill or want to overtake a lorry say in lane one doing 60 mph, I indicate move over and accelerate and the surging get starts. I have to drop a gear and get the engine revving over 2000 rpm before the surging stops and I get some power. Now I expect this to happen I am more cautious off overtaking but the first few times it happened it was worring. I have managed to catch it on my dash cam if that's any help.
Hi there David thanks
Ok just to rule out had the vehicle had a fuel filter fitted to try and resolve this issue also did the fird dealer carry out a live road test(to monitor fuel pressure etc) or just do a fault code check
Regards Brian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi, I brought the 37500 service forward, the vehicle has only done 29680, as they suggested that the fuel and air filters etc would get changed. That was done on Monday, still same fault exists. Warranty runs out 1st March 2015 so trying to get it sorted ASAP. They are doing a road test today as the diagnostic did not show anything. Showed them my dash cam video of speedo and re counter hunting up and down and they looked puzzled. There does seem to be a few other instances on line but no real answers.
Hi David thanks ***** its a bit more difficult to diagnose these Types of issue online as you will understand
Don't worry about the warranty side of things as the job card has been raised is before the warrabty expires is:fault noted before warranty expires
Ok if they are road testing it today they should have datalogger connected to monitor the relavent signals when
The fault occurs is fuel pressure ,boost pressure etc
This is a very helpful tool with issues like this as the technician csn visuslly see the sendir/signals with fault present
one thing I have came across regarding similar symptoms to yours is sticking turbo vanes
This vehicle has a varible vane turbo fitted which is controlled by a vacuum controlled solenoid
What I have found on some cases is the surging /hesitation is caused by the vanes sticking slightly due to a build up of carbon over time
What I always advise before diving in and replacing parts and in nearly every case has resolved said issue is s test known as a turbo burn off test
What I do is purchase a turbo cleaner (ie:forte - turbo cleaner ) and poor it into the fuek tank then take the vehicle for a 20-30 miles (ideally long motorway drive )with the revs held higher at around 3000-3500 for a constant drive (obiviously traffic etc you woukd need to slow etc )
But doing this for a good long road test works the turbo harder and the excess heat produced in combination with the turbo cleaner burns the carbon off the fins and frees them off
You be surprised at how many times this has resolved sticking turbo issues
This is one thing that is easily overlooked and would be noticed by a boost pressure issue on datalogger
Kind regards ***** ***** David
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