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sean, Ford Technician
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Sean my 2009 mondeo has just electrically died. I just got

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Hi Sean my 2009 mondeo has just electrically died. I just got in and the screen and radio went off and now it's dead. I've taken the battery off and am giving it a charge but I think it's not that that is the problem. My biggest worry is its unlocked. Is there any was of manually locking the doors?
Regards Nige
Hello, sorry for the delay in getting an answer.
To lock the doors without the battery connected just lock the passenger door and rear doors using the small lever inside (the part that moves when you lock the doors) then lock the drivers door with the key blade. If the car is a push button start this means removing the key blade from the fob by pressing the 2 ridged pieces in at the ring end, this releases the cover with the Ford badge, you can then lift the cover off and remove the key blade. Remove the cover from the exterior door handle, look underneath the handle there should be a small hole to put something in to help release the cover, once this cover is off you'll see the lock barrel for the key blade to go in, just turn this and this will lock the driver's door.
Let me know if I can give further advise regarding this.
Best regards,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks for your reply Sean. I worked that out, only the driver's door doesn't lock with the key. Maybe it's a little stiff and needs a bit more leverage with a pair of pliers?
Have you experienced the other problem with the electrical failure? We had just driven off and had to return home because we had forgotten something. I parked up and left my partner in the car with the radio on while I nipped in doors to ferry the forgotten item. Returning to the car, I opened the door and got in and everything went black with no warning?

Hello again. If the door won't lock using pliers on the blade try pushing the button inside that locks the door while having the exterior door handle pulled out, this might allow the lock to activate or use a back door last and this should allow you to press the button in on the rear door before closing it (lock the driver's door from inside). With regard to the electrical systems if it is a total electrical failure then check the main fuses that are on the side of the fuse box under the bonnet' you need to remove the side cover for this, there are also fuses in the fuse box inside the car on the passenger side and in the rear fuse box in the boot. Ideally have a multimeter so you can check for power going to the fuses, there is also a fusible link in the main battery cable but usually any problem with this means you still get ignition lights but the engine doesn't crank. Let me know if I can advise further. Best regards, Sean.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Cheers ***** ***** try the fuses etc in the morning and get back to you. Nige.

PS just tried to lock it and it doesn't work. I tried leaving the rear door unlocked and locked the driver's door from the inside but couldn't unlock it again with the key. Frustrating indeed?

Let me kow if I can provide further advice. Regards, Sean.

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