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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Ford
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Experience:  BEng hons Mech engineering, in auto industry 22 years
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, I've just bought a used ford focus 1.6tdci zetec (2012)

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Hi, I've just bought a used ford focus 1.6tdci zetec (2012) and the fuel economy is nowhere near what was advertised with this car. When I filled the tank the instrument display said I have 450 miles in the tank but it's advertised at mid 700s and the average mpg displayed is 45mpg when the advertised combined figure is about 67mpg. Is there different driving modes hat I don't know about, like it's set to sports mode and I want economy mode?


I'm afraid that almost no cars will produce the advertised fuel consumption figures, as these are obtained on a rolling road under very specific test conditions

the advertised figures should only be used as a relative guide to other makes and models

if you see this site here

you'll see that a typical milage is about 50-55mpg from other owners

there's alos a few other things worth checking

Binding brakes:

Check that all the wheels can be turned freely by hand, and free off any sticking calipers

Incorrect wheel alignment:

Check all the tyres for signs of uneven wear if it has any then get it checked out at a place that does 4 wheel alignment not just front tracking and ensure tyres are pumped up to their recommended maximum

Injectors are clean and not dribbling - add a bottle of injector cleaner to the tank

Use good quality fuel - from my own findings its worth paying the extra for BP or shell as typically you'll get another 10% fuel saving which outweighs the cost over supermarket fuel.

And the biggest thing is driving style, by not labouring the engine ( too high a gear up hills etc) and not accelerating hard away from the lights etc you can usually improve things by another 25-30% or so.

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