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we have a ford mondeo 2.0tdci on 06 plate, when we bought

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hi we have a ford mondeo 2.0tdci on 06 plate, when we bought the car 3 months ago we had problems with it ie black smoke in low gears no power then heater plugs start flashing. put car on diagnostics machine came up turbo fault. bought recon turbo and cleaned egr valve and had full service on fitting new turbo. car still kicked out lots of black smoke so we bought new egr valve. now car is still kicking out black smoke and seems to be chocking but its only in low gears the turbo is great if you are doing 70 no black smoke full power, but start running round the town it will start losing power kick black smoke out and now heater plug light is coming back on
Hi there good morning to you
I what fault code is now being logged when the vehicle goes into limp home mode
Is there any rush of air type noises or jerking at lower speeds
Why was the turbo replaced (due to a turbo underboost code ?)
Regards Brian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

original fault code p132b actuator rotary arm sticking. have not had diagnostic check on new turbo as its £60 a go

no jerking at lower speeds, havnot noticed any air type noises is just really sluggish it will either kick out black smoke or you get heater plug light come on

Hi there thanks and sorry for the delay I couldn't access the response
Ok Obivously without the present code it Makes it a bit more difficult as this 2.0tdci is a complex engine managment system
the first check regarding your black smoke should be to check the intercooler system (more commonly the hose that runs from the EGR valve to the intercooler for any tears or splits as this is common occurance on this model for causing black smoke in low gears under acceleration this would cause an underboost code or the p132b code
If all is ok you could be looking at sticking turbo vanes as recon turbos are advised to be installed
If you remove the actuator arm C clip (don't drop it as it isn't avaisble seperatly )
And pyshically feel the vanes by moving the arm up and down it should be nice and free
If it is sticking or has tight spots the vanes could be contaminated with carbon again this would bring your p132b code up
The reason I mentioned the fault code is this is an IMperstive part of the disgnosis on these engine management systems as there is so many components that can cause this issue
Black smoke is a by product of partially burnt diesel (miss combustion ) and most comminly lies with the intake system /turbo /Maf sensor (try cleaning it with brake cleaner as prelim test )
Injector issues can also cause this type of isdue (overfuelling ) but the fault code would clear this up
Regards ***** ***** and sorry for the delay
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