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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Ford
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We have a 2011 Mondeo TDCI [163ps 340NM]dual clutch

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We have a 2011 Mondeo TDCI [163ps 340NM]dual clutch transmission sportshift. Today under decelaration downhill at approx 10 -15 mph, it twice popped into neutral, and, refusing to engage gears in sportshift mode, I had to pull over, stop the car and restart, when it continued normally. I have noticed a pumping sound under acceleration and now wonder if it is coming from the wet gearbox oil pump, and whether the fluid/microfilter change was done at its 3 year service. [We have had the car for less than a year]. One chap I spoke with today seemed to think it was the ecu causing the problem. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Tim.


a lack of oil pressure would certainly give this issue, however its very rare for the gearbox oil pump to fail - usually the issue is blocked filter screens or old fluid

but as both of these has been changed

I'd next suggest getting the car onto a Ford diagnostic machine to test all the shift solenoids and if they pas this test then consider sending the ECU off for repair / testing
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

You say, "but as both of these [gearbox oil/microfilter] has been changed." What I actually said is "I wonder...whether the fluid/microfilter change was done at its 3 year service."

So, I have arranged for it to be done and then will arrange the diagnostic and ecu testing.

What does annoy me is that I had to search the net to get the gearbox servicing details, which the 200 page manual for the Mondeo does not even mention. I find it incredible that something that is so critical to the preservation of an expensive component of this motor vehicle doesn't even rate a mention in their manual, i.e. "ensure that the gearbox fluid and microfilter are replaced every 3 years or 60,000 kms." Instead NOTHING. No mention at all. How do they get away with such a flippant approach?

A friend, who manages a vehicle service centre, states that the Mondeo dual clutch gearboxes are lucky to last longer than 5 years. What is your feedback on that? It seems preposterous to me that a beautiful engine as in the 2 litre TDCI Mondeo is aligned with what appears to be a fragile gearbox.

Your response to these issues would be appreciated. Thanks. Tim.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Matt, did you not read my reply? Please respond and then I will rate you.

Btw, are you aware whether anyone in UK has sued Ford for failure to include the requirement for gearbox fluid replacement every 60,000 kms in their owner's manual?

Thanks. Tim.

Hello Tim

sorry about the late reply I 've been off the last few days

I've not heard of anyone suing Ford as they kind of get around it by saying the gearbox oil lasts the life of the transmisson - but then fail to state what the expected 'life ' is
also the 2.0 ltr TDCi engine does push this gearbox very hard as it makes a lot of torque

hopefully fresh fluid wil put it right
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

"I've not heard of anyone suing Ford as they kind of get around it by saying the gearbox oil lasts the life of the transmission." Why do they recommend that the oil and microfilter be replaced every 60,000 kms, if that is the case? Are they saying the gearbox is good for 60,000 kms only? Of course not! Mondeo owners would have a field day in court.

Is it best, ***** ***** order for me to extend the life of the gearbox, to use the sportshift, and use the gears to reduce the need for torque? [I realize I would need to accelerate gently as well.]

It does sort of defeat the purpose of having all that torque, but given it was supposed to be our retirement vehicle for travelling distances economically, I need to work out what is the best operating mode for extending the life of the gearbox.

This occurrence has been a real disappointment in an otherwise great vehicle.

Can you answer what is best to operate it in - auto or sportshift, in the manner I outlined?

Hello Tim

I think you can use the auto mode but if you feel the car is 'lugging' along ie low engine rpm and high load then use the paddles to drop it down a gear to reduce the load on the gearbox

also avoid keeping the accelerator hard down during a gearshift as this will really help reduce the shock loads into the gearbox
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Matt, yes, thanks for that. I have always been conscious of the fact that smooth changes occur when you are not accelerating hard, which as you say, "help[s] reduce the shock loads into the gearbox." Thanks for your assistance. Unfortunately, my experience here has left me less than thrilled with Ford's evident attitude. I just don't get it. No reply needed. Tim.