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Mike, Ford Technician
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Mike, Please help me! I found this question: Ford

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Hi Mike,
Please help me!
I found this question:
Ford Mondeo 2.0 Powershift 2012 after driving in slow traffic for 20+ miles Transmission Limited Function warning displays. Fine on Fast Motorway trips. Error code P0771 Shift solenoid E performanc/stuck off is displayed but does not get stored by ECU.
And your answer:
I am also a warranty inspector and I have inspected this issue many times. The problem is the valve body inside of the transmission is loosing pressure and causing the issue and setting the code. To correct this issue the valve body has to be rebuilt or replaced.
Can you please give an estimat on how many hours to fix this/ cost of spare parts? I am really frustrated about this problem.
Thanks a lot!
Best Regards
Hello Jimmy,
I'm Shantal and I'm a moderator for this topic.
I've been working hard to find a Professional to assist you with your question, but sometimes finding the right Professional can take a little longer than expected.
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Thank you,
Hello Jimmy and Welcome..

This is MIKE Im sorry to see you have had a wait..

The first thing to say here is that to give you a cost / price is extremely difficult Im afraid - this is because garages around the country all charge different hourly rates so that of course will alter prices.. the best thing I can advise there to be honest is to ring around several places - get quotes - and go with the best.

A replacement valve body - on average, is not cheap - again to get the exact cost - the best advise is to simply get your VIN off the car- ring your local Ford dealer - and they will give you an exact cost of the part - and even what they would charge to fit it... That way again, you are getting accurate , local prices to you... and wont be giving you false hopes - I would hate to do that and lead you wrong..

The other advise though is that the problem you describe, may not be the actual valve body that is faulty - these have a gasket affair that fits between and is known for failing and causing these exact symptoms. ( this has been found to be the case with many of these as time has gone on )... General replacement of that is not too costly - to break my own rule - as above - an average cost of all done for that should be around the £400. mark - but again - do get local prices....

Overall the car be it the gasket or if it should need the body replacing you can get it done / back to you in a day.

The next thing to say though is - Ford dealers will tend to quote for a whole replacement transmission - they are not really into strip and repair - rather - replace. My best advise here to make contact with Auto Transmission specialist - they can do this work for you - and they will be the best / cheapest for you - While the trans is not strictly an auto in the true sense of the word, as per yesteryear transmissions, essentially this is work they will do - at a much better cost as they can get the parts - and they know what they are doing.

I hope I have explained the situation ok for you and hope that helps you get this sorted at a reasonable cost.

Let me know how you get on - or if you need anything else at all...

Kind Rgds - MIKE.

...Meantime..............Please do click on the "OK/ Excellent ratings" for me as that's how Im credited for helping you - Thank you in advance for that...

You can and are most welcome to get back to me anytime you might need - clicking the OK ratings does not close you out at all..

Rgds, MIKE.
Mike, Ford Technician
Category: Ford
Satisfied Customers: 39198
Experience: Tech Expert
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