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Gallagher99, Senior Vehicle Technician
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I have just replaced the clutch on my 2007 S Max. There was

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I have just replaced the clutch on my 2007 S Max. There was a "grumble" in the transmission before the clutch went, and it is still there now. The noise goes away when I press the clutch. It seems to be more prevalent at low speeds, idling, but it might be there at high speeds, and I just "have the radio on".
Any ideas?
Hi there good morning to you
Is the noise a deep rumble noise which disdapeaed when clutch is depressed
Is there any vehicle vibrations either through floor or clutch pedal
Regards Brian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Not really a deep rumble, but a little more metalic, like gears not quite being engaged. Its not continuous - and ebb and flow. There is some feeling thru the clutch pedal.

Hi there ,thanks
Ok this is the symptoms of a failing/worn dual mass flywheel
This can cause all different symptoms from a clutchped vibration /body vibration / metallic rattle /metals rattle she these is turned off
The flywheel should have been checked when the clutch was fitted for excessive teeth movement or lateral play
From your description of your issue the flywheel is causing your fault
If you need anymore help or advice on this issue please let me know
If you are Completely satisfied with my answer /advice
Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice day
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks - thus far. I will reply and rate later when I see if the fly wheel has been looked at.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We have put a new DMF in - the one we took out seemed to have a lot of wear (movement) in the bearing in the centre, on comparing with the new one. They are both LUK, and another website says there is a special tool from LUK to set something.

Please keep trying and thinking for me - and my £22


Hi Alan
Ok if the dual mass flywheel has been replaced and you are still hearing ametslic noise then the shave cylinder bearing must be rough again this should have been checked when box was out
This would give you a grinding type rattle which would dissapear when clutch was pressed
Most people replace either the 3 parts or the clutch and slave if the flywheel is ok
This is to prevent report repairs is removing the box again as it isn't a quick job ie: subframe down etc
There isn't any special tools to install the flywheel or clutch that I know of or use in our dealership
Regards Brian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

HiYa again, again ......... I have just been out in the car, and sometimes the sound is there are then surprisingly sometimes its not. Its more a "clickety click", but not continuous - like a disk brake rubbing, only on the way round. Sometimes when I stop and idle, there is no clickety, whether the clutch pedal is down or not, and then when I start away it makes it noise.

We have done the slave bearing whilst doing the new clutch - my guy is very good actually. We are thinking its in the transmission, so will drain and refill shortly.

What are you thinking of next ?

Hi there Alan
Ok if the noise disdapeaed when the clutch is pressed this is dissconnecting the gearbox from the engine so it may be the case you have an internal issue wiring the box as pressing the clutch wouldn't alter the engine noise etc
It would only alter the clutch/flywheel/slave cylinder which have been ruled out which only leaves the transmission
Regards Brian
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello some more

We are going to drain and refill the transmission on Friday, in the hope !!!

Is there anything re the transmission that you can think of. It only seems to be noisy in 1&2 gears, and then only intermitently - it is quite remarkable how it disappears, and then returns

Cheers ...........Alan

Hi Alan ,good afternoon to you
Ok 1st and 2nd gear share a synchro hub so this could be the rattle you hear if the synchro is worn
Regards Brian